Are BSL Advocates a Danger to Our Community?

As BSL Advocates preach about public safety against the threat of pit bull type dogs and a least 20 other breeds of dogs, the question should be asked:

Who is the real danger to our community?

rickfiteWhen we start pulling back the curtain, we find that violence is one of the fundamental building blocks in the BSL advocacy. They dedicate hours every day thinking of ways to kill, torture and maim dogs and inflict emotional and physical harm of the dog owners.  Can you imagine the fear you and your children would be filled with if you were walking your dog and you came across Rick Fite armed with such a devastating weapon? It’s obvious he places zero value on human life as he lets his young child play with the bullets of the deadly weapon.

Intimidation is nothing new to BSL Advocates. In fact, it’s something they rely on as they openly brag about killing.

Intimidation: is intentional behavior that “would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities” fear of injury or harm. It is not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened.

When we discuss public safety as a community we need to start shedding light on the desire to expose our families to violence and harm that BSL advocates openly support. In fact, Intimidation is the name of a criminal offense in several U.S. states. The definitions of the crime of Intimidation differ by state but even beyond that, could the terrorism tactics used by BSL Advocates towards pit bull owners be deemed a a hate crime?

Hate Crime/Bias motivated Crime: is a usually violent, prejudice motivated crime that occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group.

BSL Advocates openly admit that it’s encouraged to openly mock, shame and harass pit bull type dog owners with the intent of humiliating and harassing.

wpid-screenshot_2015-07-07-18-12-412They openly acknowledge their intent to target a certain social group, discriminate against the dog owners of specific breeds and to even threaten with violence.


Can you imagine the emotional trauma inflicted on a child walking their dog with their family and Olivia started flashing and waving her knives? As a society, when is it okay to permit the threat of violence? Can you image the damage and the carnage that Rick Fite would inflict if he opened fire in a public setting? He would not only kill the dog(s) but the possibility of killing and injuring people would almost be a certainty. If Olivia decided to expose her multiple knives and confronted a family or individual walking their dog and she ended up stabbing the dog and owners? Why do BSL Advocates feel they get a free pass on endangering our communities?

They might feel that they do, but history has shown that the public is not tolerant of the behavior. Richard Prince, a former fire fighter demoted and eventually forced into retirement was called out by millions as he spoke about killing and torturing dogs as a fire fighter. Regardless of their own personal beliefs, BSL Advocates do not have the right to terrorize innocent people. BSL Advocates do not have the right to endanger, threaten physical violence and death towards innocent people because they don’t like their dog.

This is why it’s so important that people understand that BSL isn’t just about dogs. Breed Specific Legislation is very much about the people behind the dogs. It’s about a community, it’s about discriminating against millions of people and BSL advocates feel that it’s acceptable to terrorize a certain social group of individuals.

What should make our legislators and communities pause and have great concern when dealing with BSL advocates is their enjoyment in animal abuse. It’s not something they hid, they talk about it, brag about it and find it funny.


Animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people.

In 1985, researchers Stephen Kellert and Alan Felthous extensively studied the animal abuse phenomenon. They discovered several motivations that helped to characterize animal cruelty in adults, many of which are applicable to youth who abuse animals. Some motivations are:

  1. To enhance one’s own aggressiveness. To shock people for amusement.
  2. Controlling an animal through inflicting pain as a result of the sense of loss of full control in one’s own life. (Physically abused by parents.)
  3. Retaliation against a person by hurting their pet.
  4. To experience sadism (the suffering experienced by the animal).

As a society, we really need to be deeply concerned about this issue and how BSL advocates promote such violence. Animal cruelty is becoming more and more publicized in the media and the abuse is becoming heinous and it’s obvious to see the tie between the BSL Advocacy and the recent animal cruelty cases in the media.

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WJBK) – A decapitated dog was found Saturday on railroad tracks near Mound Road between 14 Mile and 15 Mile roads.
The dog was found by two men who were searching for their missing dog.  The men found a dog tag and called the owners.  The owners of the 6-year-old boxer dog named Layla called police. Turns out, Layla had escaped from her home Friday night while the owners were gone. They believe the dog pushed open a window and knocked a screen out.

Let’s not forget to mention BSL Adocates like “Sarah Howard” who endanger family dogs and families by cyber stalking families that own bully/pit type dogs.


It’s safe to say that this family and their newly adopted dog are now in danger thanks to Sarah as she scours this man’s facebook page and releases any and all private information into private BSL groups.


Unlike Lesley, I blacked out the images of the children’s faces especially considering the pedophilia and bestiality obsessions with many of the BSL Advocates.

As a community, we need to apply pressure on our local judicial authorities to take cases of animal abuse seriously. The laws must speak for themselves, so that each is clear that violence against any sentient beings – whether human or animal – is not acceptable. That means we need to start holding BSL advocates responsible for their behavior- online and offline.

8 thoughts on “Are BSL Advocates a Danger to Our Community?

  1. Honestly, I know exactly why a family member of mine wants my dog dead! She is retaliating just because I said, that a certain situation could have been handled differently. And it is what these narcissistic bsl advocates are all about. I truly think that all of the comment they have made, should all be compiled together, with names, and what state these people live in, just for a future reference. I seriously believe that ALL these people tend to make good on their online threats, and should be taken seriously.

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  2. I see you all pitbull haters. Many people died by being shot and you didn’t complain about that? Why not use your brains sometimes? People in the Middle East are killing innocent people and you’re concern about a few dogs that bite and label all of them dangerous? You don’t know what danger is, it’s already here in America and its definitely not dogs.


  3. I feel that I must point out that this is NOT the case of a few bad apples. These are their most active members, and they all at least tacitly approve or “like” these comments. Nobody challenges them. This is the face of all of them. They might come back with a few harassing emails from pro-pittie people who I have never seen *anywhere* but that sort of crap would not fly amongst any of us.

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  4. This is the text of a post I saw someone write about Bob, the dog who had his head sliced by some maniac with a sword.

    “OMG!! What is wrong in this world?? Who walks around with a sword, just incase you feel threatened?? Seriously? And then to do this to a dog…….WOW!! I just have no words!!!😦 I’m so glad BOB is getting the care he needs!!”

    This is one of the posts I saw the Foamers make.
    “I would’ve swung the ax until the the fucker was decapitated. Then I would’ve stomped it for a while.”

    And they saw we are evil haters…must be tiring for them to live life constantly looking in a mirror.

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