Congrats Roger Crawford! You’re official Card Carrying Verbally Abusive Cult Member!

Dear Roger,

You know what? You are a ignorant, abusive, pathetic excuse for a man. Oh, I’m sure you think your behavior is fine because you got drunk at a campsite with your buddy and put your boozed laced breath in a dogs face and you got your lip bit and now you want to have a pity (…. the irony is not lost on me by using that word…) party with a group of self admitted social outcasts which is fine- but…. Now you want to take great pride in intimidating and bullying women because….you can?


What kind of man pathetic piece of shit feels proud about wanting to scare and attack a innocent person? A DBO member, that’s who. I mean its not like Roger was too concerned as he was pounding back the beers and acting like a fool with his kids right there but a innocent woman who was complimenting him on some blankets deserves to be bullied?


This is exactly why I could give two sh@ts that I hurt their little depraved feelings. It’s fine that you dislike or even hate a breed of dog. It’s fine that you don’t like the people who own the dogs- whats not fine is the mentality that Rachel, Roger and Borchardt think they have a right to verbally harass innocent people.


It’s no shocker that Borchardt is just another whiny b@tch and it’s no shocker that he’s lost most of his friends except for his fellow cult members- stupid is as stupid does, right? In Jeff’s over sized drug addled brain it might seem as if it ends badly for anyone who dares not let Borchardt bully them but the reality is: everyone knows Jeff has lost his f@king mind.

Sorry Borchardt, we know the real you- we know how you refuse to go toe to toe with anyone and everyone that can easily wipe the floor with you. We know how you cyber bully children, special needs children, women and families. Lucky for you- the people who you attempt to harass, stalk and threaten ignore you because they know you’re mentally ill, they know you need help- but we both know you love and need your instability.

Piece of advice for Roger, he can surround himself with all the craziness of the Daxton’s Friends cult but when he starts throwing the mud- he should be prepared for the backlash. If BSL Advocates wants to bully and harass innocent people to make themselves feel better then they better put their big boy/girl panties on and take whats heading their way.

Except we know they won’t- they’ll cry, whine and throw fits… Welcome Roger, welcome to the glorious hall of b@tches.

9 thoughts on “Congrats Roger Crawford! You’re official Card Carrying Verbally Abusive Cult Member!

  1. Takes a big man to threaten an innocent woman who is not breaking the law, not intimidating him, and not putting his children at risk. And Rachel? WE have the legal right to take our dogs out in public. Don’t like it? Keep your creep at home and on the internet where you fit in.

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    1. And that woman deserved for a piece of trash pathetic excuse for a man to take out on a innocent woman and then go brag in a pathetic hate group? Please- man the fuck up and blame the single dog owner not innocent people.


  2. Well written the truth of evil. It’s how they get a hold of vulnerable people and manipulate them. This guy just need’s to sit back and just realise what he has got into. Remember Jeff you were this guy once and they got their claws into you and have made you the unhinged adult that has not grieved for you son correctly. Brainwashing and does not bode well believe me get out while you can. Think of your family and friends you need them not this evil DBO cult.

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  3. He is a pathelogical liar like the rest of the cult as well. Does anyone that read his post REALLY believe that just because he got attacked by a pittie that someone would kill their own pit? What a lying sac of shit. If my dog is innocent – why would I kill it because of you? Too bad the pit did not finish the job (sorry)…….

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