32 pit bull type dogs were euthanized over the celebratory 4th of July weekend.

While families were lighting off fire works, sharing drinks and enjoying life, 32 lives were being snuffed out at one single shelter, Baldwin Park.


This is the reality but it never truly becomes real until you start seeing the actual numbers. 32 dogs, surrendered- many probably due to housing restrictions and many thanks to back yard breeders dumping dogs they can’t sell…. But whatever the reason, 32 pit type dogs were killed in just one shelter in just one weekend, in one city, in one state. Can you imagine the numbers if just one shelter in every city in every state for one day followed suit?

Let’s work with 35,000 cities. 35,000 × 32= 1,120,000. Are you comfortable with over a million dogs euthanized?

Lets thank Breed Specific Legislation & Back yard breeders for being perfectly okay with these numbers.

32 dogs were failed because humans failed them. 32 dogs euthanized because the system is busting at the seams. 32 dogs destroyed and tossed out like garbage because people want to create laws that give no other option but to kill these dogs. 32 dogs had their lives snuffed out because people wanted to make a quick buck. Millions of dogs face this fate but today- let us take a moment and remember these 32 amazing dogs that were never given a chance.

I’m so sorry.


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