The Big Question


I write what I write because it needs to be written. Are my views always popular? Hell no- but the popular view isn’t always whats right. I’m so blessed to know a group of amazing advocates who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. Advocates responsible for changing laws, advocates responsible for saving lives, advocates for educating… Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and children all stand up and become more then just a voice but they become the strength behind our advocacy.

Then you have POS like Kyrsten. Kyrsten thinks her dog is beautiful. Krysten thinks she can make some cash. Krysten thinks she should breed her dog.


Whaaaat? Whats wrong with a breeding a dog that will have at least 4-8 puppies? Whats wrong with at least 50% of the litter being dropped off at the pound? I mean, it will at least give job security to all those facebook cross posters who are pledging & cheringall of those doomed to die by midnight dogs nationwide.

But- I have this feeling Krysten just don’t care about the silly fact millions of dogs are being euthanized because shelters are just running out of room. I’m sure Krysten and her friends are totally top line breeders, right?


Father and daughter breeding…just some more inbreeding, what can go wrong? I’m sure they both are physically and mentally sound….


So, the daughter is “timid and shuts down when overly stimulated”…. Which could become even more serious issues with her pups since she’s being bred right back into the same gene pool. TOTALLY MAKES SENSE.


Yes, now we wait… for some possible mentally unstable pups to hit the market.

Backyard Breeders stick together and they applaud each other when they f@ck around and distort a breed beyond recognition.


Just another toadline wanna be… I mean, WTF is this?


You know… Just another way for them to make a quick buck.


….I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- BSL will never go away until back yard breeders are shut down. Until we stand as a community and force some sort of legislation to stop this, we will always have BSL lurking around. I know there are professional ethical breeders that are needed to better our beloved breed, to fix the genetic messes created by back yard breeders- it’s those people that need to step up and ask demand laws that regulates and restricts the average joe blow from f@cking up the breed.


It’s more than obvious the problem is growing and it’s going to take ethical responsible breeders, advocates, AVMA and everyone else to step up and stop this. Until then….


…. We will keep seeing this and we will continually keep asking ourselves why? 

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