Rachel’s Final Solution

You know, I’ve heard a lot of sh@t from BSL advocates but every now and then one of those special morons really pull something incredibly ignorant right out of their ass.

Good ‘ole Rachel Simas. I’ve written about her before and it’s apparent she’s not the brightest light bulb in the room. We’ve seen this high school drop out attempt to “educate” us on genetics and fail epically but she’s really gone off the deep end with her new delusional belief system.

If you truly loved the 10+ breeds that BSL advocates are trying to kill off- you’ll just love them right into extinction.

Has anyone read any proposal from the BSL advocacy that does not include:

1. Manditory Spay/Neuter for ALL breeds targeted by BSL/BANS with the intent to exterminate the breed.

2. Humanely euthanize ALL breeds targeted by BSL/BANS that are surrendered or placed in shelters & rescues.

You know, all hate groups have one thing in common- they all pump the same propaganda. You could take a KKK speech and swap out a few words and it magically turns into a anti-pit bull speech. You take a speech from Hitler, swap out the words Jews and homosexuals with Pit bulls and pit bull owners and you have yet another anti pit/ anti-pit bull owner rant posted on The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Reveled.

BSL advocates like to call themselves the “The Silent Majority”- you know who else likes to call themselves the “Silent Majority”? The Aryan Nation. You know, those people that hate everyone that isn’t white… kind of like BSL Advocates- they don’t just hate millions of dogs- they hate the millions of people that own the dogs. They use racial, sexist, economic status, homophobic slurs to describe the owners of pit bulls  and they promote violence against not just the dogs but also against the owners… How many times do we hear BSL advocates talking about physically assaulting and at times killing pit bull owners? Daily.


You know why groups like Dogsbite.org, Daxton’s Friends, Aryan Brother hood, neo NAZI’s or any HATE based group calls themselves the “Silent Majority”? Because the actual majority of the population disagrees with them. I think it’s time we really start calling Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends what they really are- open and proud hate groups.

What’s the difference?




Now, I would ask Rachel what is her exact thought process on how and why she feels that people will just love their dogs into extinction, but she’s a coward. I would ask her- why out of the millions and millions of pit bull type dogs in the United States and Canada that a handful- and latterly, it’s just that: only a handful of dogs of multiple mixes are responsible for harming or killing a person?

I would totally ask her- If pit bull type dogs and their mixes are so genetically prone to killing people- why are dogs rescued from the most horrific conditions living happily in healthy homes with responsible owners? I would like to point out that I’ve never supported the “It’s all how they are raised” myth especially considering all of the examples of dogs pulled from horrific conditions that are happy and well adjusted in their new environments. If anything- if you really start looking at the horrible and rare tragedies involving DBFs- especially when it comes to children, you find the majority of them caused because parents forget that their family dog is just that- a dog.

I would absolutely ask her- since she brought up the selfishness concept, why is she so selfish to ask for the deaths of millions of dogs- family dogs to be euthanized “peacefully” as she put its- for the fault of a few?

You know who else agreed with “quiet and peaceful euthanizing and extermination”? The Nazis. You know why? Because the majority of people do not like the idea of senseless mass killing and the Nazis knew this- just like BSL advocates know this. Violence progresses- it starts with a group of people trying to ostracize another group (Examples: BSL Advocates attempting to invalidate Pit Bull type dog owners.), they start to stereo type them, refuse to acknowledge them as individuals- to strip them of their identity. Next- suggesting violence ( Example: BSL Advocates discussing how to harm pit bull owners and kill Pit bull type dogs.). Then, it starts to turn into violence (Example: lets not forget Carol Millers lovely habit of adopting pit bulls and euthanizing them…) and then it just develops into the final solution: Extermination (Example: The Denver Ban, when thousands of pit type dogs were pulled from homes and healthy dogs in shelters were euthanized.).

I’m trying to figure out how Hitler’s idea of a final solution is any different than Rachel’s and fellow BSL advocates? It doesn’t matter if it’s humans or animals- the concept is the same. Calling for the annihilation of innocent humans AND animals is wrong and I dare Rachel to publically state to the millions of responsible dog owners that they should lovingly love their dog right into extermination just for her peace of mind. Go ahead Rachel, tell the millions of families to kill their dogs… Tell them that your hate filled agenda trumps their happy and satisfied lives. Tell the millions of pit bull type dog owners just how selfish they are for refusing not to take the blame for something they or their dogs had nothing to do with…

We are all waiting.

5 thoughts on “Rachel’s Final Solution

  1. there is no difference between Hitlers doctrine/Mein Kampf and dbo’s doctrine… I’ve said it for years…let the foamers show mock indignation…but first let them prove us wrong…we have yet to see…

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  2. Pffft. Hey, Rachel Simas — human children are also the targets of an unsavory underworld that colludes to abuse them. Should we euthanise kids, too? By your argument, we would…if we just loved them enough.

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