An Honest Letter From BSL Advocates..

Dear Pit Bull Owners-

If you could do the world a favor and just take your possible pit bull type dog to your vet and humanly euthanize it, we would be ever so happy. We totally understand that the majority, like 99.999 percent of all pit type or what would be classified as pit type will never hurt anyone, it just would make us feel better if we could go ahead and just wipe your dog and all like it right off this planet.


(Come on- we totallllllllly know that the whole Denver killing spree of pit bulls is just a lie made up by all those damn nutters.)

Please, please never ever disagree or attempt to speak up for yourself and your dog. No matter how logical you sound- you will always be wrong and you will always be victim blaming.  I know, you think you are helping others by pointing out the inconsistencies of our stories and our statistics but it just angers us and believe me- you really won’t like us when we get angry. We will promise to harass you via twitter and any other social media outlet, we will Google positive pit bull stories and spam them with our BSL/anti pit bull propaganda and we will use violence if necessary.


(It’s perfectly normal for us to stalk pit bull owners page and use their images to make anti- pit bull memes… it’s even better when we get one with kids on it….)

Try not to take it personal when we share a picture of you in a hate educational group.

Let me point out- it may seem like we are mocking you by some of the comments:

But come on, it just a bit of friendly teasing. Who doesn’t find a bit of penis size jokes about a stranger and his choice of dogs funny?

We really do care about your well being, which is exactly why we say things privately- not because we are chicken shit cowards but because we care for your feelings soooo much.

I mean, whats a few beastality jokes between friends, right? See! Us BSL advocates are just like you deep down. We only pray that your dogs mawwwwl to teach you a lesson. Think of it as tough love.

Are you planning on having a pro pit bull event in public? Great- please let us know so that we can send our famous member who was recently in the media for talking about “hypothetical” ways to kill a pit bull and our in house artist who lovingly put together bloody angels to sell on eBay for our cause.

Just remember- if you see them, which you will because they will make sure you see them- do not interact with them. If you do, we’ll absolutely blame you and label you as victim blamers. We don’t care that we showed up and crashed a pit bull rally in attempt to shut you up…. how dare you. Just how dare you…. The sooner you realize that as long as you and your dogs are breathing and not hurting anyone- you’re insulting victims.


Please note- as BSL advocates, we have the right to say whatever we want. If we want to tell you to slap peanut butter on yourself and describe obscene actions between you and a dog, you have absolutely zero right to become offended.

If we call you a bitch, whore, c@nt, slut, p@ssy, criminal, trash, terrorist or/and mock your children, wish for their death or your death just accept it and move on.Do not forget- as victims, we have the right to do this and you are just supposed to sit down, shut up and take it because if you dare speak up, we will block you immediately and continue to talk shit. Why? Because we are BSL advocates and it’s our God given right.


It doesn’t matter that as a collective group we have a education level of a high school kid- please stop telling us to get “educated”. We really don’t have time for that-  which is why we just agree with whatever Merritt Clifton throws out there. His numbers might not make sense like…99.999% of the time, but it’s really allll about that 1%.

Look Nutters, we realize it’s never the owners fault why a dog attacked. Wait a minute- it depends. If you are willing to donate to Daxton’s Friends and then no, it’s totally not your fault. We totally understand just how stupid you are and that you are incapable of googling information about dog breeds or responsible ownership… Now, if you are not willing, it’s TOTALLY your fault and you should go to jail FOREVER.


(Remember- donate to Daxton’s Friends and and you get a free pass on being irresponsible.)

Look- we know there are millions of pit type dog owners out there but when we stereotype you all as ghetto white trash ISIS supporting liberal conservative meat heads we do it out of compassion.

Let us help you help yourself and Help us Help you kill your dog,

Daxton’s Friends &

For all of your anti pit bull memes, visit our facebook page created by our leader master boss friend Jeff Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends.

4 thoughts on “An Honest Letter From BSL Advocates..

  1. Love this!! I am beginning to think everytime they talk about bestality, they are all actually jealous! In their sick little minds, they talk like that because they think bestality is ok, pedophila is ok, ect. Must be they are not getting enough action in their own lives….especially that lawyer thing…the one with the dolls name, Beasley! Because of the name he gave pit bull dogs, that was a derogatory name, of a sexual nature…and he wonders why I think he is nasty.

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