Stop Being Such a Bitch Michael Vick…

Dear Mr. Dog Fighting, animal abusing, piece of sh@t Vick,

Please, for the sake of your manhood- stop being such a whiny little bitch. I get it, when you were bank rolling your dog fighting operations and taking part in killing dogs you had no idea that your football bucks wouldn’t save you if and when you got busted.


I really do think you believed people would pat you on the back and say “Oh Michael, it’s okay! You were just a boy being a boy while you swung a dog over and over into a tree because it wasn’t a fighting dog . We toootttaaaallllyyy understand!!!”. I really think you do stand around and just can’t understand how anyone can pick on poor wittle Vick….

Look here Princess Buttercup, why would you even think that? What makes you untouchable? What is it about you that makes you think you won’t always have your disgusting actions thrown in your face? You were a big man while you were killing dogs, but now you get all butt hurt when a reporter has the audacity to bring up your disgusting behavior. Your brother and buddies were the kings of your dog fighting ring-  you guys were “man” enough to electrocute, hang, drown and torture dogs but you and your fellow pieces of sh@ts can’t handle someone reminding you of the blood on your hands?


I personally don’t think it’s brought up enough. I personally think when anyone ever introduces you they should say “Everyone welcome the internationally known dog fighting, animal abusing, lowlife, murdering piece of sh@t Michael Vick!”. It should be on your drivers license and a stipulation in your football contracts. It should be squeezed onto your football jersey.


FYI- it shows what a true b@tch you are when you have your bro play the race card to distract from someone calling out YOUR actions. The facts are: you are a black man, yes? You were responsible for bank rolling a dog fighting operation, yes? You bred dogs with the intent of fighting, yes? You hung dogs that failed at fighting, yes? You electrocuted dogs because they failed at fighting, yes? You drowned dogs that failed at fighting, yes? You took a dog by its hind legs, laughing with your bro and swung that dog into a tree over, over and over again, yes?

So tell me- how does any of that equate to anyone being racist when they point out WHAT YOU DID?  The fact that you are still playing football and not sitting in jail making license plates should tell our society that something is really wrong and the fact that your POS brother thinks you’re above being reminded what a POS you are tells society that you and your pathetic family still think you’ve done nothing wrong.


But don’t worry… There are millions that have no problem reminding you of just how a POS you are….

11 thoughts on “Stop Being Such a Bitch Michael Vick…

  1. I could almost… ALMOST have some kind of forgiveness for him IF he was actually sorry. But he’s not. He’s only sorry he got caught. He’s sorry that the world hates him. He’s not sorry at all about the dogs he killed. He’s not sorry about feeding his children’s kitten to his dogs. If he was, he wouldn’t make statements like this ..” Man don’t nobody give a fuck about them dogs!” .. When shown pictures of his former dogs being happy and well cared for. If he was really sorry he would be spending every waking moment fighting to change this and trying to help keep people from dog fighting. If he was really sorry he would turn in the people who fought dogs with him. He would point out the rings he knew about. He’s not sorry. And I’m not sorry that I hope he does a painful and slow death. And FYI it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He could be white and my relative and if would still hate him.

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    1. I wish I’d written this! I agree with every word, & believe it to be the TRUTH! A lifelong football fan, I gave up the game when my disgusting former team, the Phila Eagles, cared so little about this scumbag’s actions that they hired him! So glad that worked out for them! While the entire situation angers me, the worst part now is that he was accepted back into the NFL & continues to be deified, when in reality he is an evil monster who deserves a non-stop ticket to hell!!

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  2. Honestly he has the same mentality as the foamers! They all are the actual people that condone dog fighting, just because of the type of dog that is used. And that is exactly why bogart, the bartender, beeswax lawyer, ect, put Vick up on a pedestal. Because they want ALL pit type dogs dead no matter what. I do not feel sorry for this asshat in the least!

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      1. The problem with the NFL the NBA NHL NBL Boxing…. all of them there’s one problem… they do think that they can cover up what these guys have done more times than not, for rape spousal abuse child custody ,drunk driving, murder,drugs, you name it they`ve covered for it…in all the professional sports also actors and actresses the same thing they think because th,ey have money ,and they have prestige popularity they think they’re above the law and the law has proven that most of them have succeeded in that… the law should look at them and hold them at higher ground due to the fact of their popularity and even be harder on them .than a regular person, esspecially due because of they have influenced so many young people and children.. that’s my opinion

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  3. Your not sorry for the dogs you killed, tortured, abused. Not sorry at all. And you have NO RIGHT breathing my air, walking on my earth. You are a pos, and your skin color doesn’t matter, stop hiding behind the racist bull crap. And why do you own a dog now, saying it’s for your kids. No, your hiding behind your kids you sorry pos of a human. I hate you, what you did, and there is no NFL on my tv in my house. You should of gotten 66 counts of animal cruelty, instead you got 1. Your a disgrace to our society.

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  4. I am a proud equal opportunity hater of animal abusers! I am not racist. I hate ALL races that abuse animals. And, yes, I hate you Michael Vick. I would give anything for you to go through even five minutes of the unthinkable pain and horror that YOU inflicted upon all those innocent dogs. I would volunteer to carry out the torture. I assure you, I would sleep soundly and only regret that you had not died.
    Oh, and by the way, this has nothing to do with your race Mr. Vick. It has to do with YOUR ACTIONS! Not only should you be banned from football, you should be banned from the human race.

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  5. No doubt what he did was inhumane, but how many of you pay money to eat meat and wear products made of animals when the process is JUST as inhumane? —tossing cattle that are bled to death just so you can eat a burger or whatever. how do you feel justified?


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