December 07, 2012 – Part One

Stalking, harassing, verbally abusing, exaggerating…. Just another day in the life of BSL Advocate/”Victims Advocate” William Johnson. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about his nasty habit of stalking and harassing families, he’s well known for harassing an autistic girl and her family… all because her family owns a pit bull.

December 07, 2012 is a day that will haunt the Gerome family of Philadelphia PA for the rest of their lives. According to the family, it was just another night- Anthony Gerome’s two daughters were having a sleep over with their friends, including  10 year old Adara Johnson. The parents were downstairs as the girls and their 15 month old pit bull puppy Gigi were in the room with the girls. No one really knows for sure what happened, but 10 year old Adara Johnson was bitten in the face.  The Geromes called 911 and the Johnson family to tell the of the horrible accident. As the two families met in the emergency room, the first words out of the William Johnson’s partner and mother of Adara- Jean Marie Jachinowicz  was:

“Do you have homeowners insurance?”

From that moment, the Gerome family had no idea just how their lives would change. One thing I want to make sure everyone knows is that Anthony Gerome has never denied that he feels responsible for the tragedy that happened under his roof. He has publically acknowledged that he had no issues paying the medical bills because he felt responsible for those and at first, the Gerome family were more than willing to be financially responsible. According to Mrs. Gerome, offered the Johnson family 200$ at first to put towards the medical bill and was ready to make future payments except William Johnson refused to accept any payment after the 200$. The Gerome had this sinking feeling that William Johnson was preparing to sue the family, which he did- and has done so much more.

As William Johnson publically mocks this family on facebook, playing his pity card- he fails to mention the horror that he has put the Gerome family through.


Helenanne Gerome, the wife of Anthony Jerome is devastated by the actions of William Johnson. William Johnson has made it his mission to physically stalk and harass this family and the emotional toll of the abuse that William Johnson is giving is starting to show.  When  asked if William has been stalking him and his family, Mr. Gerome states:

Yes every where I go to work or out with my family”.

Which William confirms with his public posting in his hate group, The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed:


He doesn’t end there…..


I’m sure Mr. Gerome took offense with the continuous stalking of his family, although I doubt that he just “ran” into Mr. Gerome- in fact, William finds it funny, the taunting and stalking of Mr. Gerome…


The funny thing, which I will dive deeper into the follow up on this post is that according to sources- the medical costs of Adara’s was covered by state assisted healthcare. The Johnsons did not pay a single dime- but that story is for another day.

As William plasters this family’s info everywhere, he forgets to tell the whole story (how shocking……) We all know that there are people that shirk from their responsibilities when it comes to dog attacks, but the Gerome family is the complete opposite of that. The Gerome family has gone above and beyond to right this horrible accident.



Helenanne Gerome worried about the traumatic accident affecting the girls who witnessed the bite set up counseling for all the girls there and the only one who refused the help was the Johnson family. Sometimes we forget that there are multiple victims in this tragedy, the two Gerome girls have suffered just as much if not more harassment than the adults at the hands of William Johnson and his thirst for vengeance.

After the bite, Anthony Gerome automatically euthanized Gigi. He states it was one of the hardest things to do. Gigi was his daughter’s dog, her best friend- and for two solid weeks his daughter cried herself to sleep. What makes things even worse are the rumors William Johnson helped fuel at the children’s school- making claims that the family commanded their 15 month old puppy Gigi to attack Adara Johnson. Because of these malicious false rumors, the school did not want the Gerome girls to return. These girls suffered a great loss and still are dealing with the emotional trauma and the affects of bullying by adults.

William Johnson’s philosophy is that no dog ever has a reason to bite a person. He doesn’t care what a child does to a dog- which makes me believe there is more to this story that William doesn’t want the public to know- like what really happened in that room on December 7, 2012.

What we do know is- two families lives have been changed. The Gerome family has attempted to be responsible, to pick up the pieces and start to heal as a family but are tired of dealing with the onslaught of harassment from William Johnson, can you blame them? The Gerome family isn’t done fighting yet- during the first court case, Mr. Gerome informed the judge of the harassment and stalking by William Johnson during the trial and when they go back, thanks to Williams big mouth- there will be plenty of evidence to help support the Gerome family.

3 thoughts on “December 07, 2012 – Part One

  1. So…let me get this straight. The Gerome family was perfectly willing to accept responsibility, pay any medical bills, immediately had their dog euthanized and even offered counseling for all the girls. And ever the manipulative one Johnson refused everything aftet the initial $200. So he was immediately planning for a lawsuit! Even though all his daughter’s bills were paid. Wow….his name is so perfect for him. *Willie Johnson* Double D**khead. And now that the lawsuit ia over he is enjoying raking them over the coals. He is such a manipulative immature smarmy sleazebag. I really cannot stand him at all.

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  2. I sincerely hope the Geromes get an attorney who can file a stalking claim against Johnson. He thinks because the lawsuit is over he’s home free to act like well..himself. He’s wrong He’s obviously not aware that appeals can be filed AND countersuits can be filed. It’s really sad his kid got hurt, but it doesn’t justify his behavior.

    And he says he wouldn’t want to be that guys age and in his position? Well I wouldn’t want to be Billy’s age and in his position…amounting to nothing more than a hate filled bartender in life isn’t much to aspire to.

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  3. I do believe that dogs owners are, and should be, ultimately responsible for the damage their dogs do, and it appears that the family from the beginning attempted to do this. Its a real dbag move to sue someone who was already clearly taking responsibility. If the dog has no history of aggression and the family has no history of being negligent and are clearly willing to take responsibility financially, then suing is just ridiculous. The girl’s medical bills definitely should be covered, but if it is true the bills were paid for by the state, then shouldn’t the state be reimbursed? We have become a nation of people who think that an accident should equal a fat pay out. To be clear, if the dog’s family had refused responsibility or had a history of being negligent or were negligent, I have no problem with punitive damages being awarded, but it seems that in this case, the dog owners were ready and willing to do the right thing but that was not enough for the Williams family and he decided to use the court as a means for revenge. He also clearly continues to stalk and harass this family. He got his judgement, move on.
    I do hope that he has not forgotten his daughter’s medical and psychological needs in his focus on revenge. I hope she saw a counselor to help her get past her attach though I have a feeling someone like Billy would just continue to foster her fears and hope to make her a victim her whole life instead of coming through a horrible incident healthy and stronger.

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