What If…


 What if indeed?  Well, like every other BSL Advocate, the truth is how the perceive it- which makes sense why they believe in what they believe since they are being fed a bunch of bullshit.

Now, Mr. Merritt Clifton- the official statistical expert among his crowd has released his latest numbers:


Whew! Those numbers look pretty scary- but are those numbers real? Yes, 608 people have died due to dog bite fatalities. Yes, 2,942 people have been attacked by dogs but those numbers are not for one year, or two years- not even ten years….

 If Merritt Clifton was being honest to the public, he would include all of the numbers needed to present the truth to the public.

Starting from 1982 to the present the population average is 306.7 million people. I wonder why he left that very important number out? I mean, it’s important to understand the time span of these horrible attacks, if you didn’t know what the average population is, how can you compare these percentages to the actual population?

608 dog bite related fatalities from multiple breeds, horribly tragic… But how does that impact the population for the last 33 years?


Hmm…. Notice how once you have all of the information you start noticing how rare the DBF’s are?

2,942 serious bites from multiple breeds in 33 years. That breaks down too….


Once again, when you are given all of the information, you start seeing the reality of how rare these dog attacks are.

Wait- you’re telling me, that we are talking about killing off breeds of dogs because of 5,559 dogs?

5,559 dogs – that might equate out to what? 5,559 irresponsible dog owners out of 306.7 million in 33 years?

We know that all tooooo well- the number lies are the foundation of their fear propaganda. Of course Cliftons numbers look scary, but that’s because he only gives you bits & pieces, but once you start putting all of the pieces together- the picture looks very different.

and the truth will save lives and save families.


6 thoughts on “What If…

  1. HaHaHaHaHa Merrittless tell the truth! Like that is going happen anytime soon. He cant even construct an understandable sentence, they are so discombobulated and usually run into 3 paragraphs.

    ( BTW…I’m still laughing over the blog post a few back with the comparison of Merrittless with some kind of prophet. More like reject of a 1960’s commune.)

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  2. If he said the world was flat…all he would have to say is …he researched it…the cult members would believe it…no questions asked..no one takes that guy seriously anymore…he’s done…washed up..nada…zip..zilch!

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  3. Well done! Clifton does remind me of the pseudo intellectuals from the sixties, those that seemed so wise when we were all under the influence of those lovely mind-altering substances. Most of us sobered up, though, and recognized that brand of logic only seemed valid in a haze of smoke. Merritt chose to stay in that era, as did a handful of people who are now dbo cultists.

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