Dear Backyard Breeders


Do you see this dog? You have destroyed this dog. This dog is incapable of doing anything- it can barely hold itself up much less walk. 

It’s disgusting how proud you are of your backyard breeding project. It’s disgusting and it should be criminal. I have no issue with responsible & ethical breeders, it’s those breeders that work to better their breeds of choice but these back yard breeders…  


These backyard breeders are a infection, a virus in the dog community. You heard me, if you are a backyard breeder-  you are a cancer and you need to be cut out.


I get it- these dogs are your cash cows, they pay your rent, buy you fancy crap and a claim to fame. Everything you have is because you have your dogs pump out litter after litter of inbred mutations that will never have a chance at life because you’ll just inbred those puppies too.

  75 freaking dogs with no purpose but to bring in money. Thousands of dollars for what? Dogs that have been overbred, inbred, barely able to walk, breath, stand…. thousands of dollars for a dog that may live 3 years?

  Seriously, if you can look at this dog and think it’s a fine representation of ANY breed- you need to go slice your finger and jump into shark infested waters.

  If you think this dog is healthy and living up to any sort of life for a dog – please, please, please do the world a favor and go play in traffic.

  Abusing dogs all because you don’t wanna work a real f@cking job.


173 thoughts on “Dear Backyard Breeders

  1. I’m a dog trainer. I work full time at a rescue organization as well as do house calls. I have had 2 litters on my own some years back as well as several litters at the shelter. I get where some of you are coming from but it seems some of you may be a little mislead. Whenever I’ve had to rescue a litter of puppies or a pregnant mother, it was never from a reputable breeder. Breeders have their place. They breed working dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs…. When I was younger, my girlfriend and I had just bought our first house. We went to a few rescue shelters and were turned down for various reasons. Not being married, not having a fully fenced yard, etc… What we ended up doing was buying a dog because, well, we wanted a dog. I bought a dog who was returned to a breeder. She was a great dog. The breeder had a very nice facility, all records, akc papers. He spent a lot of time talking with us on the phone and in person and even came to our house. About 2 weeks later I discovered my new dog was pregnant. I called the breeder and we both realized now why the dog had been returned. He helped me through the entire process from start to finish. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of his help and everything I learned. When it came time to sell the pups we met with many people and had to decide who we would send our pups home with. They all went to really nice families and many of them kept in touch and sent pictures or cards at christmas. There is a big difference between a breeder breeding labs that are in high demand than the places I’ve been to rescue puppies. Filthy basements in apartment buildings, cold garages in winter. I was at a large apartment complex where every single household there had blue nose pits. These people were breeding and trading amongst each other. Then there are prized fight breeders and status symbol breeders. Some of these dogs sell for as much as 60k. Then of course you have your breed mills. I don’t even have to go into how bad those are… That is where your problems lie. Most of these inner city breeders are breeding for , drug money, because they didn’t spay or neuter, for status (tough looking dogs) or for fighting. My shelter at all times is at least 1/2 pit bulls. If we had the resources we could add 300 kennels and fill them all with pits. These are the dogs, at least here in the north east, that need the most help and it’s because of what I just mentioned. It has nothing to do with legitimate breeders. We do get pure breeds. labs, king charles, you name it. but most of those are owner surrender, usually because the owner died or some other circumstance. Very seldom do we see pure breeds that have been neglected or abused. That tells you something about the breeders breeding these dogs, the price of the dogs and the difference between these irresponsible people over breeding certain breeds in horrid conditions. This is the first time I have seen a toad dog.. not sure what it is, looks like staffie mixed with bull dog.. That comes from one of those status symbol breeders obviously experimenting and trying to market the monstrosity he created. They concoct all kinds of crazy mixes, giant presa canario pit mixes, ect… It’s absolutely crazy and the money people are willing to pay for these dogs is insane! Now here is the problem for the average joe. I read some of these comments, Shelter dogs have issues, they aren’t potty trained and so on.. I can tell you that about half of my dogs hold it in their kennels where they are permitted to go if they have to. yet they hold it often from 5 pm until 9 am or longer. Yes absolutely some have issues. Believe me I work with some of the toughest cases in the business! However those are the dogs that spend a lot of time with me before making the adoption floor. I have never lost one yet. Other wise our dogs are temperament tested and we get to know their personalities So I can assure you the right dog for you is available at a rescue shelter. Above I mentioned how hard it can be to get approved for adoption. It can be ridiculous! If you meet the requirements, great! Where else can you find a dog for 400.00 that’s fixed, utd on shots, chipped and trained? If 400 seems like a lot you must realize they are all get full check ups on arrival, poop samples, blood tests. If they are sick they get cared for. Some dogs cost us as much as 20,000.00 in vet bills from everything from mange to being hit by cars. Myself, I don’t do the adoptions and I have nothing to do with the process so believe me I get frustrated just as much if not more than you. Nothing gets to me more than when I see a dog who’s been there for a year who is bonding with a potential adopter get turned down over some stupid reason like they don’t have a fence.. Does a min pin really need a fence? I’ve heard it all from these people are too fat or even too old to take this dog on proper walks. I get very disgusted when I hear things like this. especially when I have a dog who is becoming stressed in the kennel or a puppy who is growing up in a shelter… What happens is these people who volunteer to run shelters get attached to the dogs. They begin to feel that almost no one is good enough for them. They make their decisions based on how much money they make or how nice their home is which often results in the wrong dog going to the wrong people. My theory is these people are going to get a dog no matter what. It may not be our dog, but it stands an equal chance of one day ending up in a shelter. For those of you in rescue who may see the side of the people going over adoption apps, yes some dogs should have a fenced yard, or may not be comfortable around children.. but these blanket policies have to go! We at rescues are very much responsible for the deaths of thousands of dogs who we couldn’t save because we didn’t open a kennel over some stupid blanket policy! Remember for every dog you adopt, you save 2 dogs.. the one that goes to a home and the one who takes their place. If we open the flood gates and base adoptions on matching dogs to people rather than do these people fit the mold we have created then I think you would see a ton of people adopting over shopping…. If you made it this far, I’m going to leave you with a few tips for adopting dogs…
    – For companion dogs, choose a dog for its temperament rather than breed.
    – To avoid the hassles of application approval, volunteer at your local shelter. This is by far the best way to choose a dog. You get to try before you buy, make a difference, make some new friends and you get to know the staff.. When they see who you are in person, all those restrictions fly out the window. It’s a shame that it has to be this way, but everyone of our volunteers and our officers have one or more of our dogs and even our own officers do not qualify to adopt from us… Vice pres, no fenced yard, 3 dogs… President, E fence (we don’t adopt to e fence owners) 3 dogs. Me, apartment, no fence yard and I have the toughest case that has ever been at our rescue… It’s a shame but hey, we can always use a hand… and you will be seen for the person you are rather than how you look on paper.
    – Visit your local pound. Many of these dogs aren’t throw aways. There are many reasons good dogs end up in pounds. Talk to the staff, ask about their habits and behaviors. They often have dogs that they highly recommend… even pure breeds. They have very minimal restrictions if any and fees range from 5.00 to 100.00 dollars and often come with a spay/neuter voucher.
    – adopt a senior dog! Worried about house training or training in general? Seniors come with wisdom and many rescues are willing to bend the rules because there is little interest in these dogs. Our Gunnar is 11 and a teddy bear! Very smart, active and loves to chin nibble and give gentle kisses.. In fact he can play soccer! and I mean he’s really good at it! but he is overlooked because of his age. He’s been with us for 4 years. If somebody wanted to give him a chance I know we’d even waive the fees. So don’t discount a senior dog.
    – Be weary of adoption events and none brick and mortar rescues.. Not all are like this, but many actually pull dogs from rescues down south. many of these dogs are from puppy mills… not because they shut down a mill or rescued these dogs, but because the mill surrendered 40 dogs it could not sell or mothers who no longer are useful. Some of these organizations are really just help mills cut their losses.. so do your research.
    – When you do get a dog, please have it spayed or neutered. We can’t blame breeders, rescues and individuals when we are all responsible… We can blame the toad dog breeder, he’s just an asshole! So don’t buy into that marketing BS!
    – Also train your dog. Don’t be afraid of trainers! I charge 35 per hr and can usually get to the bottom of the behavior in a few minutes, work with the dog for a couple hours and set you on a path to success. So call a trainer, buy a book, be proactive and patient… socialize your dog and don’t ignore bad behavior.
    I hope You walked away from this with some new insight and a view from within rescue. If it helps just one dog to succeed, it was worth the effort.

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    1. thank you so much I hope you are successful in your endeavors my family volunteers at the shelter where we kuive we all have seven dogs together all spayed and neutered. I wish other people would take care of their pets the same way.


    2. Hi, I own a rescue program. I understand where you are coming from but with the fencing and other things these people need to know that this dog will not get out via jumping a fencing or will not be starved because you are unable to feed the dog. I own four huskies and we have a second fence as well and a 6ft fence, we’ve told all our locals at the back that our dogs are all friendly and will only want to play with your dog but because they are closely related to the wolf people are afraid to go and get them so the call the RSPCA or the rangers and they come and take then dog. Yes our dogs are microchipped and desexed but the rangers and put 2 of my older dogs down beacuse they were classed as aggressive, when they were just scared.


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