Humans are TOTALLY the Problem…

I’ve always said our greatest weakness & our biggest strength are one and the same: Humans. 

As dog owners we have the ability to shape our dogs futures. We determine the life they will lead in our care and we are responsible for how society views our dogs and as advocates we have to step up and make it perfectly clear:

Your dog is not your child’s/children’s f@cking jungle gym.


 I totally agree- people are the problem. People who think it’s cute for a 30 lb. + child to climb onto a dogs back are the problem. Casey is part of the problem and everyone who looks at that picture and goes “awwwwwwww… What a good nanny dog!” are part of the problem. 

That beautiful dog may not have a mean bone in his body but that beautiful dog can’t speak up say, “hey, this kid is hurting me!” but what it can do, because that beautiful dog is animal can snap/bite that child because he’s hurt and it could be tragic and possibly fatal. Not because it’s a pit bull but because it’s a big dog and a small child.

I’ve seen plenty of irresponsible parents throw their dog and a whole breed under the bus because they refused to be responsible. Because it’s easier to blame a dog then to shoulder the blame.

I wonder if that mother realizes that if that dog had bitten that child, Daxton Friends & members will plaster that picture all over their hate sites, creating disgusting meme over & over, mock that child, mock the parents, emotionally & physically scar that child for life, call for more bans and BSL and cause the death of innocent dogs, tear apart families… all because she thought it was cute for her child to sit on her dog.

Come on parents, please wake up and think- the bottom line is:

You as parents are the front line when preventing preventable tragedies, it’s time to step up and start acting responsible. Please?

5 thoughts on “Humans are TOTALLY the Problem…

  1. It is always the humans. I cringe every time I see people with any breed of dog allowing their children unlimited access to the dog. Irresponsible people who don’t watch dog/child interactions. Who haven’t learned the subtle signs that a dog is not comfortable. They are putting both their child and the life of their dog at risk. Stupidity.

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  2. You are so correct… it is ALWAYS the humans fault. In some of these pictures you see how uncomfortable the animal is… you can almost see the pleading for help in their eyes.

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  3. Just don’t get how STUPID parents can be! Wtf is the purpose of putting your kid on your dog? To take a photo of pure stupidity?


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