Can’t Fix Stupid

People amaze me. Yet, the stupidity that seems to flow off certain people amaze me even more.  

Suzette had a pit bull. 

See Suzette’s well taken care of non “viscous” pit bull attacked a dog out of nowhere.

See Suzette do nothing about it.

See Suzette’s sweet gentle pit bull who just attacked another dog bite her son.

See Suzette still do nothing about it.

See Suzette surprised when her non “viscous”, well taken care of, sweet gentle pit bull attacks yet another dog.

Honestly, Suzette probably wouldn’t even be able to figure out if her dog was having issues during those 4 years- especially considering she ignores the escalating rise in aggression in her dog.

The only mental defect I see, and I’m sure millions of others see is that Suzette kept a dog that bit her child. So yes Suzette Teich Donnelly- it is your fault that you didn’t take care of your dog’s escalating aggression. It’s your fault for not being attentive and letting your dog bite your son and it’s absolutely your fault that you still kept a dangerous dog with obvious aggression issues the chance to attack another dog.

Now hold still so millions of people can cyber smack the stupidity right out of you.

5 thoughts on “Can’t Fix Stupid

  1. Yep. It’s never ever ever ever their fault. *eye roll* Funny…I’ve owned pit bulls for over 20 years…have yet to have one bit anything or anyone. According to these morons I should be dead about 18 times over.

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