Monday’s WTF Moment

Ladies & Gentlemen, today’s WTF moment is brought to you by your local BSL advocate and the letter I for ignorance.

Blah blah blah KILL ALL PIT BULLS blah blah blah Penis and testicles blah blah blah it’s Oboma fault blah blah ‘Merica blah blah blah you ain’t my momma blah….

5 thoughts on “Monday’s WTF Moment

  1. And to think I have so called “family” members that are in this group of people!!! Now I really can see how psycho these people are….I just have no words…smdh!!

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  2. Sounds like foamers, idiots, and perverts all run hand in hand. Can not read a post by a foamer that isn’t ignorant, stupid, or perverted. Dogs and penis……Dogs and sex….Dogs and well you get the picture.

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