They can’t help it….

No, really- they can’t help themselves. Their toxicity is just eating away at them and it all comes pouring out:

Now, we all know BSL Advocates won’t leave this family alone. This father just lost his son- has no clue what’s going on and what does Mr. Baker, Board member of the pseudo victim’s advocacy DBO INFLUENCED group Daxton’s friends can’t stop himself from grilling the grieving father.

“Sorry for your loss buuuuttt….. Tell me what the breed of dogs they are and go ahead and send me some pictures.” I shit you not- oh, DBO members are not yet done. EVEN AFTER the father says he has no information, they don’t stop:

  Seriously, how about Lucy just shut the f@ck up. This grieving family doesn’t how these bottom feeders any kind of explanation, but wait- wait- they still are not done.

  …… Someone told her cousin and her cousin told someone “rumors”. 


Not interested in personal issues buuutttttt……

And they call me cruel- “No one is getting custody of that child now…”  Seriously folks- the honest to God can’t help themselves. Of course good ‘ole Colleen Lynn has to make her speculations-

I’m sorry but all I see is a wooden platform- how is this not a normal dog owner? 

Now, I’ve heard whispers that BSL Advocates are scrambling around trying to cover their butts after their comments are being blasted over the Internet. “Deleting any comments which are likely to end up on pitter hate sites and damage our credibility.”

Good luck with that- the world sees you losing your battle and their own words are doing allllll the work for us. 

13 thoughts on “They can’t help it….

  1. why do these people think they have a right to DEMAND anything from anyone? Nobody owes them a fucking explanation for anything. These people are absolute utter pigs.

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  2. Look at the top of the ramp going up the backyard. Goats! They can be livestock ramps, or agility ramps, which many dogs use. This is absolutely disgusting cult behavior. Sorry for your loss…but do you have photos? God Baker is a pig. And Lucy Muir(Colleen)….nobody owes you shit. Not this father, nor anybody else.

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    1. So because they have a ramp for their GOATS, somehow there’s something nefarious going on with the training of these dogs? Does a goat play thing equal dog fighting? Does it mean they were training the dogs to attack? This would be funny if it weren’t for the innocent baby and family they choose to eat alive.

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  3. Credibility? They think they have credibility?

    A failed online psychic who cashed in on startling a dog by coming up behind and running around it (and OBVIOUSLY failed to foresee that situation)? A poor excuse for a babysitter who had a child under HER guardianship that if I recall correctly was left alone naked on a floor bleeding to death yet had bare minimum scratches she received fending off the dogs? A woman who went to the bathroom to change her tampon but failed to hear the dog attacking her baby?

    Do they mean those people with credibility? I wouldn’t give those people a rag doll to take care of…

    And they wonder why people don’t listen to them. They turned me off the minute I started reading their bullsh*t.

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  4. Maybe it was the goats. These people placing blame based on hearsay? People sue for custody/visitation daily no dog breed included. They could care less about the victims. But they do enjoy the dirt they can dredge up.

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  5. Anyone find it odd that Laurel Davis’ profile pic is Klonda Richey whose death was blamed on two Mastiffs but the ME said she died of natural causes. Her clothes were ripped off most likely when a smaller domesticated dog tried to get her out of the street. Bite wound on Richey were too small for the Mastiffs. But then again, I find it odd that the father didn’t tell Baker to fuck off.

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  6. Absolutely disgusting! They should be ashamed of themselves but they are clearly not. This isn’t the first time they have pulled this shit. In what world is asking the father if he had photos of the dogs who killed his child appropriate?


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