Can’t save them all….

I’ve gone round and around with myself trying to figure out what is the best way for me to write this post and I guess, just like any other post I have to just write it.

People- you are killing innocent dogs and helping the spread of BSL with your need to save dangerous dogs. I get it- no one likes to hear about dogs being euthanized but myself- I hate to hear about children being horrifically mauled and people rallying to force a rescue to save it.

Last weekend, a dog bit a 8 year old girl in Pa. in the arm. Now, it wasn’t just a bite and release- this dog bit that child and it took people with a metal bar to pry him off her. We all know if this dog had been any other breed but a pit bull type dog it wouldn’t have made the news, but it did and this is the opportunity for a community to stand together but as usual people had to ruin it.

Hello Bully couldn’t have spoken truer words when it stated: 


To rescue that dangerous dog would be sending a message to society that we don’t care about the entire breed or our communities. To rescue that dangerous dog, innocent- non biting, healthy pit bulls would be euthanized. Would it be worth the cost? No. Because when that dangerous dog bites or god-forbid kills a person guess who pays the price? Millions of innocent dogs. 

Say it with me: Not every dog can or should be saved. Not every dog can or should be saved.  I love my dog, I fight for my dog and I know that means I have to understand that some of these dogs- like the dangerous dog in this story should be euthanized. 
Wake up people, you are killing our innocent dogs with bullshit like this.


…. I’m sorry, I’m fighting the urge to mentally punch Marci in the throat. Children deserve to be safe– like, they deserve not to have a dog that had to be pried off a girl’s arm with a metal bar in their neighborhood. Marci- you have issues. Get help ASAP.

Linda, sorry- you fail at being a human being with a soul. You know who the real dangerous threat to our dogs besides BSL Advocates? People like Linda.

  Any rescue that knowingly chooses a dangerous dog  over non dangerous dogs cares nothing about the bully breed. Any rescue that stands up says that it’s irresponsible to put a dog that had to be pried off a girl with a metal bar in a home are doing far more for the bully breed than those that will rescue that dog.

I hear BSL advocates b@tch and moan that pit bull rescues jump at the chance at rehome get dangerous dogs- well guess what, Hello Bully is proving them wrong, but seriously- I know pretty freaking awesome advocates that move mountains for their dogs and their beloved breeds (s) and I know they would be horrified if they felt that people like Marci, Linda & Heather were representing the pit bull advocacy, I know I’m disgusted. BUT- this is the problem, it’s people like those three stooges that BSL advocates will use to portray each and everyone of us. 

So, yeah. If your train of thought follows the path of the three stooges do me a favor, do my dog a favor, do millions of responsible owners and their dogs a favor and sit the f@ck down, shut the f@ck up and leave rescuing to the people that truly want what is best for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Can’t save them all….

  1. Continuing: I would never re-home a dog that was know to be aggressive, ever.I also agree that it is aggressive dogs that are making the breed look bad a as a whole. The sad thing is that most of those dogs come from abusive back rounds, dog fighting back rounds, or have had no training at all maybe left in the yard on a chain. Those are the people that need to be gone after. That’s not to say that EVERY dog from that kind of back round is bad. In fact, most aren’t. They are loyal animals that haven’t been given a choice. But if a dog happens to be aggressive and is being adopted out anyways, the agency involved is to blame and they never did their job or did right by the dog.

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  2. Wow. I had no idea there were people on ‘our’ side who thought like this. Why do they hate children so much? They talk about kids in the same tone DBO uses for pit bulls. Super-scary. This has been a sad disillusionment: not all the crazy is in the other camp.

    Also, I agree that it’s simply a sad fact that not every dog can be saved. It’s something that seems obvious (to me) from the number of homeless dogs vs the number of potential adopters in the world. That being the case, why WOULDN’T you triage to save the dogs with Lassie-personalities before ones with Cujo-personalities?

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