Actually- Yes, I would.


Actually Lynn– I would prefer to have dogs just like those living next to me. Why?  That’s an easy answer- because history has shown that dogs taken from this environment, rehabilitated and placed into proper homes have accomplished great things.

Audieearned an advanced AKC agility title—Excellent A Preferred. 


Johnny Justice:  certified therapy dog, specializing in working with terminally ill kids as well as children in the Paws for Tails reading program at local libraries near his home. He was named ASPCA Dog of the year in 2014.

Cherry Garcia


Handsome Dan




Little Red

The list goes on and on- these dogs are not just trash. They are not born these indestructible fighting machines, contrary to what dog fighting supporters and BSL Advocates, they feel pain and not just normal pain, but horrific pain. They are put in this environment that requires them to fight or die. Few survive (if you want to call it that…) but even more die.

Those that make it out and are given a  second chance break every stereotype placed on their backs. So yes, I’d rather have dogs that have lived through hell living it up in happy safe homes enjoying and learning how to be just a dog. I’d take them as neighbors before any of those BSL Advocates any day. 

3 thoughts on “Actually- Yes, I would.

  1. Not only that but THOSE dogs are given an inordinate amount of attention, training and care to make them the BEST dogs they can be. Unlike the thousands and thousands of other dogs (of all breeds) that are just arm candy or house ornaments and allowed to behave in incredibly stupid, dangerous ways, including the little yorkshire terrier that I saw dart out of a business yard (organic health store) into an alley to chase a car, which caused the owner to swerve to avoid killing the damn dog and led her to hit a pole on the opposite side of the alley and probably do at minimum, several hundred dollars worth of damage to her car. Had i not been walking by and witnessed what happened she would be SOL, but thankfully since i did, and gave a statement she should be able to collect from the dog owner (store owner) for the damage to her vehicle.

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  2. I would prefer living near 4 pit bulls to even 1 stupid BSL mentally impaired foaming idiot. Oh….wait….I do live near 4 pit bulls. 1 at my house, 2 behind me and 1 around the corner. And no incidents, no one bitten, no one attacked.

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