His Heart grew Two Sizes Bigger…

I honestly never ever EVER thought I would be writing a positive post about James Hassinger. You remember him- he’s the guy who would take images of kids and write disgusting anti pit bull memes. I’m not sure if becoming a new father has caused this grinch’s heart to grow two sizes…

But I’m honestly shocked and a bit hopeful for humanity by his reactions to a dog- not just any dog– but a pit bull that was shot and killed by the police.

Be still my beating heart. I can’t believe I’m saying this but- OHMYGAWD, you go James Hassinger! Now, this doesn’t excuse his past behavior but I have to give that white man a fist bump with a thumbs up at the end… “You can’t go around shooting things because they might do something.” Preach it, my brother from some other motha’!

Wait- wait! He’s not done yet. James continues:

Is the world ending? Hold on- I’m checking the news to see if the apocalypse has started. Could I be wrong about BSL Advocates having the ability to change? That they can show compassion? I don’t care if he’s the only one- because it’s one and even one makes a difference. It shows that yes, he may not care for a breed of dog but he refuses to stand by and allow cruelty run amuck.

 Right? Right?!! What the heck is wrong with people? James, I’m woman enough to admit that you are more than the asshole creating disgusting anti pit memes featuring children – you might have some decency deep deep down inside.

The fact that James can reach across and unite with pit bull owners to stand against cruelty shows that minds can change. If the grinch changed, why can’t James?


11 thoughts on “His Heart grew Two Sizes Bigger…

  1. This is the main difference I see between dog people and pit haters. We have the ability to recognize when someone is being reasonable. Regardless of what he’s said/done in the past, this is a well-thought out compassionate response from him. Good for you for highlighting it.

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  2. Are you sure its reallh Hassinger and not someone eho.has usurped his name and created a fake profile to cause turmoil in foamerland. Because he has said some of the meanest and dumbest things. Those screenshots don’t sound like him and I am not referring to the change in attitude. More sentence structure, phrasing.

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  3. If someone was going to go with a fake profile to start chaos in foamerdom would Hasslinger really be anywhere in the top 20 on that list? I’ll give benefit of doubt here.

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  4. Having been someone that didn’t like pit bulls until I learned more and met a couple, I can say that my original thinking was wrong. I’m going to hope for the best and consider that maybe there was a change of heart with this man.

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