Stephenie Michelle Garnet, former pit bull owner, foster volunteer & fancy backyard breeder is a great example of the cult like mentality:


Now- she previously owner not one but two pit bulls in the past with zero issues- however, once she began chumming with her fellow BYB and current admin in the current hate group The Pit bull Propaganda Machine- she somehow no longer owned the two dogs but if she had- she would have taken those two innocent dogs out in the backyard and shot them.

You know why she’s lost so many friends? Because everyone is noticing what an animal abusing POS she truly is. Never mind she quit her job waitressing at Applebee’s here in Phoenix so she can earn her money by breeding her dogs AND coming up with new breeds for sh@ts and giggles (I’ll get to that in a bit…)– but you know… as long as she’s willing to kill pit bulls than those silly BSL Advocates don’t care about her unethical BYB projects. 


Ladies and Gentlemen… Brittoodles or Pootanies- AKA: over priced mutts.

7 thoughts on “Pootanies?

  1. I wonder if she is aware that the guy who created the golden doodle REGRETS it. He had a friend who was blind and needed a seeing eye dog but she was allergic. It took him YEARS to produce a hypoallergenic dog with the right temperment. Not all the off spring in a poodle cross will come out hypoallergenic. I wish I had a link to the article, this chick needs to wake up.

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  2. GAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

    I can’t bear it.

    As I may have mentioned, I was raised with — and by! — poodles. They are remarkable dogs. THEY DO NOT NEED IMPROVEMENT.

    Sorry for the all-caps, but people who make money off breeding -oodles while other mixed breeds languish in shelters and real poodles are already practically perfect in every way make me stabby. Nothing against -oodles themselves, just breeders & buyers…)

    And poodles were NEVER pointers, for crying out loud; they were retrievers. SMDH.

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  3. How will she know that the pups will take after mom and not dad? And what business does a hunter have to be shooting birds if he’s allergic? We bred Brittanies, 1 litter really, and one of those suckers bit me. But I agree with Amy. Why breed anything when so many are dying.

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  4. She’s nothing but an irresponsible a**!! Breeding mutts…great! Shelters are full of mutts. Good job and good job foaming idiots for encouraging her!!!


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