It’s not personal- oh wait! It is!


Now- according to Penny, her tentent has had this dog for quite a while, but know that Penny is knee deep in the BSL hate group she’s ready to tell her to get rid of his dog…

I told him it wasn’t personal, it was business.  But it’s also personal.”- Penny Spears

Why can’t these people be honest? Just tell him- “Look, I know you’ve lived here for a long while- even though I’ve had no issue or complaints about your dog, but I’m in a hate group that what’s your dog and millions of ones like it to just die. So, chose- a roof over your head or your dog. While I’m at it- I’m going to stalk your Facebook page, share your info and mock you. It’s not personal…..”



Is he not paying rent? Well, according to Penny he is…

    And when push comes to shove? Make sh@t up…

  Did she ask the renter to get insurance?   According to sources- nope. In fact- according to sources Mr. Clark always been upfront and honest with her, which shows when Penny explains an incident where she didn’t believe a disagreement and sided with Mr. Clark. However, she’s changed her mind.

I’ve called the Sheriff, he made threats against another tenants children, that he’d set the dog on them.  I didn’t believe him, and said so, but now I am concerned.  They aren’t my children, so I am filing a report.”- Penny Spears

Either way, he rehomed the dog- but she’s not done with him yet:

What a great landlord…. 

10 thoughts on “It’s not personal- oh wait! It is!

  1. I do hope these quotes find their way to the proper people.
    While I may not agree with a landlord who wont rent to people with specific breeds of dogs, I have less of a problem with a lease stating that from the beginning and a tenant can decide to agree to it or seek other housing. I DO have a huge issue with suddenly and out of the blue deciding that an animal that has posed no threat to anyone for 2 years is unacceptable based on peer pressure and the tenant whose money was good enough for rent for two years has his character questioned. Further, evicting him after he complies with the irrational demands is also unacceptable. Evicting a person (depending on the state) is not always easy, I hope the tenant gets copies of these quotes should he ever need them. Seeing how this property owner is abusing their power makes me reconsider my belief that landlords should be able to decline to rent to someone based on breed. This case should be an example of the sort of unethical practices tenants need legal protection from.

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    1. Right on. People absolutely have the right to set parameters BEFORE renting a property. When I was younger, I lived in many a flat that had a weight limit for tenants’ dogs…it’s one of the reasons I’ve always owned toy breeds. However, landlords absolutely do not have the right to renegotiate terms after the tenant has been in place for YEARS with no issues from the dog.

      As a former proud poodle parent, I’m personally offended by this woman. She makes us all look bad. Please, everyone, dissociate her deed from that breed in your minds : )

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  2. It’s quite probable that what the landlord has done is illegal. The tenant should seek legal council ASAP. It might even say in his municipal code or state code whether or not the landlord can randomly bake him get rid of the dog. Screenshots of landlord’s posts can help his case.

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  3. She is a landlord not God. There are certain rules a landlord must follow. She has broken them all. I hope he pursues a lawsuit on this sub-human landlord. All of this can be used in his favor.

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  4. Jeff is good man I have know him for man years I have raised pit bulls for many. Years.. the bullshit laws on them are for the birds I have police shot and killed my dog understand fairly and lie on reports and I won in court these assholes out here in the world need to open there eyes and take a notice all pitbulls ain’t bad it is asshole people who make them that way… any dog can be mean…from the smallest to the biggest of the breed so stop judging pitbulls. And as to Jeff he is a good man with a good heart and kind soul who would help out anyone any way he could so don’t judge him either.. andyou are vary lucky iI’m not your tenet. Cause I would take you to court for discrimination. Especially. Since I have had the dog for a couple years and you are just now saying something without proper domination to back up saying my dog is vicious

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