It’s not personal- oh wait! It is!


Now- according to Penny, her tentent has had this dog for quite a while, but know that Penny is knee deep in the BSL hate group she’s ready to tell her to get rid of his dog…

I told him it wasn’t personal, it was business.  But it’s also personal.”- Penny Spears

Why can’t these people be honest? Just tell him- “Look, I know you’ve lived here for a long while- even though I’ve had no issue or complaints about your dog, but I’m in a hate group that what’s your dog and millions of ones like it to just die. So, chose- a roof over your head or your dog. While I’m at it- I’m going to stalk your Facebook page, share your info and mock you. It’s not personal…..”



Is he not paying rent? Well, according to Penny he is…

    And when push comes to shove? Make sh@t up…

  Did she ask the renter to get insurance?   According to sources- nope. In fact- according to sources Mr. Clark always been upfront and honest with her, which shows when Penny explains an incident where she didn’t believe a disagreement and sided with Mr. Clark. However, she’s changed her mind.

I’ve called the Sheriff, he made threats against another tenants children, that he’d set the dog on them.  I didn’t believe him, and said so, but now I am concerned.  They aren’t my children, so I am filing a report.”- Penny Spears

Either way, he rehomed the dog- but she’s not done with him yet:

What a great landlord…. 

24 thoughts on “It’s not personal- oh wait! It is!

  1. I do hope these quotes find their way to the proper people.
    While I may not agree with a landlord who wont rent to people with specific breeds of dogs, I have less of a problem with a lease stating that from the beginning and a tenant can decide to agree to it or seek other housing. I DO have a huge issue with suddenly and out of the blue deciding that an animal that has posed no threat to anyone for 2 years is unacceptable based on peer pressure and the tenant whose money was good enough for rent for two years has his character questioned. Further, evicting him after he complies with the irrational demands is also unacceptable. Evicting a person (depending on the state) is not always easy, I hope the tenant gets copies of these quotes should he ever need them. Seeing how this property owner is abusing their power makes me reconsider my belief that landlords should be able to decline to rent to someone based on breed. This case should be an example of the sort of unethical practices tenants need legal protection from.

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    1. Right on. People absolutely have the right to set parameters BEFORE renting a property. When I was younger, I lived in many a flat that had a weight limit for tenants’ dogs…it’s one of the reasons I’ve always owned toy breeds. However, landlords absolutely do not have the right to renegotiate terms after the tenant has been in place for YEARS with no issues from the dog.

      As a former proud poodle parent, I’m personally offended by this woman. She makes us all look bad. Please, everyone, dissociate her deed from that breed in your minds : )

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    2. Thanks for posting this. My attorney has this and much more. This event has been very heartbreaking and painful in many ways for me. Not only emotional pain but also physical as it had triggered flair ups with my cancer. Since these events are so stressful. I have ben in the hospital and have had to go to the oncologist to get things under control again. But also a big help was reading the support that this has received. Although it wont undo what has happened it does bring some comfort. So thanks

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  2. It’s quite probable that what the landlord has done is illegal. The tenant should seek legal council ASAP. It might even say in his municipal code or state code whether or not the landlord can randomly bake him get rid of the dog. Screenshots of landlord’s posts can help his case.

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    1. I do have legal representation now. How ever before reading all this I didn’t nor did I mention to her about an attorney let alone having one tie any thing up. My attorney has copies of all this and more. Many things have been considered liable not only from the landlord but the Lesley lady and the Joanne Brown lady. People that make slander’s comments and false comments are according to law liable for punitive damages. Lucky for me I had proof of what was said that day. In which I did show the sheriff when he questioned me about the dog. Once he seen it he just shook his head and said try to have a good day. It was then that I obtained a attorney.
      And for this Joanne lady to say I’m plying for symphony votes is sad. I’ve kept several of my facebook friends posted on my condition concerning my cancer. I have MDS Unclassified w/o Anemia with #7 chromosome Deletion. There is no known cure and seldom do people with this type of MDS live over 2 yrs. And when your a MDS patient and you look it up the statistics are overwhelming and very depressing as there seems to be no light to look foreward to.
      How ever I have survived since 2007 with this and I post to give light to some and hopefully hope to others. It has nothing to do with plying for votes. Or being a sad man, Yes I mentioned it but I did so as it this situation has caused me allot of undo stress which has in return triggered the cancer to cause me allot of trouble. Stress is not a friendly thing for those of us fighting cancer fighting to stay alive. My dog played allot in this department as she was a thrapy type dog which gave allot of relief to stress when the pain would act up. Lucky for me my boyfriend has been very supportive and helpful threw this all.
      If anyone knows of any fixer upper house for sale in Sandusky Seneca or Wood County please contact me. As I am now looking to find another home to buy. I have lived on this lot since 1992 I believe and have always upgraded my doublewides every ten years. And have recently spoke to my land lord of doing this again this summer and she was very supportive of that. Then something changed..

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  3. She is a landlord not God. There are certain rules a landlord must follow. She has broken them all. I hope he pursues a lawsuit on this sub-human landlord. All of this can be used in his favor.

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    1. I pay my lot rent every month. And the one dollar bills have nothing to do with the club. I have a front pocket wallet so when I get change I put my ones in my safe at home at the end of the day each day. When my bills come due I usually have enough to pay my cell phone bill and what ever is left I use it to put towards my lot rent. I also own the dbl wide and for the record I would never trash a place on anyone.
      I am looking to buy a fixer upper house now. And if the landlord wont let me sell this place to someone. Then I will notify the township and county and inform them that I will be tearing this home down and the lot will be empty. Which would be sad for many reasons one would be it would be a home for someone and two it has been here for many years and many codes and laws have changed there fore the cost to bring the lot up to code would be enormous, for the landlord.
      Which I feel bad about even though I have been wronged. As I have never had any issues with her, she has been a nice lady. So as you can expect this current event has come to me as a great shock. I had no clue she had such hatred towards me or my dog.
      And I have no ideal why as my dog is never off a leash or a chain when she was outside. And yes I had her tide out front but on my lot. She was a good 15 feet away from the dumpster. and was more than 10 feet from the lot line. But when She told me Sadie crouched down when she was taking her trash out. I looked at my videos and it wasn’t her she was doing this to it was her little dogs that were barking and growing that Sadie was crouching about.
      But to prevent any further such event I made a place out back for Sadie. But I’m thankful that I was able to find Sadie a good home and the people love her to death.

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      1. SO, wait, you’re renting a lot from her? Not even an apartment or house? The home belongs to you? This makes it even more insane!

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    1. I can’t speak for this Joannae Edwards or Lesley Karen Luscombe or Pame Ashley other than what they wrote. and the first two spoke some serious liable stuff. Pame spoke of stuff but nothing degrading or damning. However I assume she must have thought my dog ran loose and was viscious which never happened. But as for Penny I can speak on her and although the current events were horrible and extremely stressfull for me I have never had an issue or had anything bad to say. I didn’t realize she had issue with me but from the research that has been done and continues I guess she has. But even with that said I wouldn’t consider her a scumbag.
      I still believe she is generally a good person we just don’t agree on the current situation. Which I believe is normal for most people to have differences. And I would like to further say that even though a few of her friends and/or followers have made threat to come take care of me and/or my dog for her and she simply responded with a I knew that was coming and a smile face on at least one post. I do not condone any threats of harm to her or any thing she has. And I promise I will be the first to defend her or hers should anyone try.
      I don’t like bullies of any form and have spent most my life defending people and animals against it. And I would ask that people not judge her or anyone as a bad person due to one account. We all have our likes and dislikes and that is what makes us different. However most keep it to themselves so not to harm others as I have been. But we do have a legal system should we be wronged and that is the great thing about being an American. We can have freedom. Love to all..

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  4. Jeff is good man I have know him for man years I have raised pit bulls for many. Years.. the bullshit laws on them are for the birds I have police shot and killed my dog understand fairly and lie on reports and I won in court these assholes out here in the world need to open there eyes and take a notice all pitbulls ain’t bad it is asshole people who make them that way… any dog can be mean…from the smallest to the biggest of the breed so stop judging pitbulls. And as to Jeff he is a good man with a good heart and kind soul who would help out anyone any way he could so don’t judge him either.. andyou are vary lucky iI’m not your tenet. Cause I would take you to court for discrimination. Especially. Since I have had the dog for a couple years and you are just now saying something without proper domination to back up saying my dog is vicious

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    1. Thanks Nathan. Because before I got a phone call that my life and my dogs life had been threatened by someone on her post which my attorney has a copy of. I had no ideal that she had such hatred towards me. I couldn’t understand why after two yrs almost I had to displace my dog but I did. At first I thought she was just having a bad day. But then she wrote the eviction threat which worked as I got no responses from my previous cry for a home for my Sadie. And when I posted the letter within a hour I have like 8 replies. In which I picked one. And it was only after that did I even respond to these post. And copied and pasted a couple on my page simply to protect myself and for documentation. However since then my attorney has advised me that all I needed to do was make copies of the stuff. And after research and help from many there is so much. And so much is so hurtful because I am a good person and some of the private messages and post make me out to be everything but that. And I don’t no which is sadder her saying some of the stuff or what she believes to be her friends sending it to me and pretending to be her friend, I guess it is just one of those things. But thanks again Nathan because you are right.

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    1. I have been fighting cancer. I have MDS Unclassified w/o Anemia w/del #7 chromosome. It is very rare and very leathal. I often give updates. Not for attention or points as this Joannae accuses, But to give hope to others with this rare form of MDS. As most will think it is death with in two yrs. And I am living proof this is not true. Ive been stage 3 since 2007, And only when I get sick with something or am stressing does it trigger and jump into High risk where things become in question.

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  5. “He’s trying to make me look bad…”

    What I see is somebody who needs to re-home their dog showing the proof that their landlord is requiring the re-homing. When people see that somebody is looking for a home for a 2-year-old dog, they want to know why the person is getting rid of the dog.

    There’s a lot of judgment that goes on when a person is re-homing a cat or dog, not to mention that a lot of people wonder if there’s something *wrong* with the animal. That letter can help solidify in other people’s minds that, yeah, there’s a good reason he’s getting rid of the dog, and it’s not something that’s within his control.

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