It’s allllll a conspiracy-

It’s a conspiracy. 

All of these breeders of different breeds are tossing in some pit bull genetics to screw up every breed out there- says every BSL Advocate ever

According to Borchardt- ” It’s this arms race, with its greed for cash, that has given us the many pit bull mixes people are now pretending are a separate mastiff ‘breed’: the ‘Cane Corso’, ‘Dogo Argentino’, ‘Dogue de Bordeaux’, ‘Bullmastiff’, to name a few.”

People are now pretending. Not just pretending but now the AKC, UKC and and whoever else are just systematically pulling cons on the dog world. Wow- basically Borchardt is saying: “Dog owners are too stupid to know what kind of dog they paid thousands of dollars for.” 

A 3-year-old girl suffered serious injuries after she was bitten by a dog in West Philadelphia. Police say that the dog, a Cane Corso, has never been a problem before.”-6ABC

Now, everyone but BSL Advocates understand that the Cane Corso is a breed unto it’s self- but we know BSL advocates will just call it “a really big pit bull!”

Or… They become basically pit bulls with out the terrier? One moment- how does a pit bull be a pit bull without a terrier? 

Here is the problem and will become the demise of BSL- BSL Advocates are over reaching. Part of their argument is they state Pit Bull Aplogists use a fear tatic were they claim “your dog is next”- and it’s being proven a valid statement because daily – BSL Advocates are lumping more breeds onto their breed banning list and I’m not the only one noticing this.

I won’t lie- I dislike “Dusty Brown” immensely but she is speaking the truth. How long until other breeders and real experts start stepping up and fighting back? Who’s to say they haven’t already? Do you think those families sitting at home relaxing next to their bull mastiffs, Cano’s, Dogos, American Bulldogs or any of those mixes don’t get irritated or angry when you try to ban their dogs because you think it’s just a really big pit bull? 

That would mean some BSL Advocates would have to change- and we know that’s not happening anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “It’s allllll a conspiracy-

  1. One of my dogs is Mastiff and he’s a couch potato when not at the park. Loves kids, people, other dogs and my cats too. They can leave him out of their quest for a large dog less world. Talk about grasping!!! He’s one of the most gentle dogs!

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