A Book all about Bullsh@t


Mr. Beasley- the new laughing stock of the legal community has penned copy and pasted anti pit bull book filled with the usual verbal vomit of Dogsbite.org. For days everyone heard him state he created this book with over 100 different unbiased sources and it’s just one of his many lies.

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Critical and objective? That’s hilarious. Now, if you actually read this book and it seemed vaguely familiar- it’s probably because it’s the Dogsbite.org webpage wrapped up and printed in this self published book. The fact he was advertising that 50% of all sales go directly to Colleen Lynn should have been the first warning. Sadly, this book is just another attempt to spread fear and propaganda with half truths and debunked sources.

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The very first source…. Debunked Clifton.  I kid you not folks, his “sources” just go down hill from there.

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Now Maul Talk is credible? I love New Orleans and many great things have come from New Orleans, but this lawyer is not one of them. In fact, he couldn’t even take the time to accurately report the correct information when pimping out the dead to further Colleen’s hate agenda.


In fact- he’s proud of spinning half truths and even challenges people to challenge his research skills. What research skills?! Well, maybe it took some time to copy and paste the content of DBO? I’m really not even sure what the purpose of this book is but to further their hate filled propaganda. His pathetic attempt to try to school Jon Stewert and Tia Torres reeks of the usual DBO desperation.


Awww… he even steps up to defend the unfairly denigrated Colleen Lynn and her self admitted biased website. Rewind- repeat-rewind. There is nothing new or original about this book and if you honestly paid for this book – you should really demand a refund ASAP. The truth is out- This lawyer is just another DBO failure… Christ, those failures are starting to stalk up aren’t they?


At least he doesn’t hide his new buddies…. Sorry, Beasley- but I’m going to give this book 2 thumbs down, next time at least try to sound original.


Duly noted…


6 thoughts on “A Book all about Bullsh@t

  1. Speaking of echo-chamber talking points….I think he just spewed half of theirs.

    No thanks to reading this, I like my fiction to be of the Stephen King variety, or maybe Katherine Neville. As far as research type reading, well first of all I want to read something I’m actually interested in. Like Mayan history, surfing, mythology, quantum physics, art (Van Gogh), Mid-Century Modern architecture. Nothing a narrow-minded BSL advocate has written will ever hold.any interest for me.

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  2. HI-larious.

    I’m an actual academic who does actual socio-historical research in her field. The very idea that you can borrow a couple of websites’ content, re-word it, and pass it off as your own “research” literally makes me giggle. Think of all the years I’ve wasted in libraries and archives and personal interviews when I could have been copy-pasting!

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  3. What a mess ! I hope the author has the capacity to reload when REAL experts inform him that he used references who are not only misguiding him, but have zero experience handling, training and/or working these dogs. The author also carelessly labels pit bull owners and advocates , showing no regard for his own legal liability . Not sure why the author would be so careless , but if he chooses to ride in the VW Bug with the rest of the clowns … It’s their circus, not ours .. Best news is… He’s skinny, he’ll fit .

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  4. The only difference between lawyers and prostitutes is that one profession is still respected and doesn’t continue to f-k you after you’re dead! Mr. Beasley–what a POS…

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