Dusty Brown

“Rebecca and Scott Harrington said their world was turned upside down when their daughter made a gruesome discovery of the family pet’s body without its head.”- WESH.com

Now, the majority of normal folks would read this story and be like “What the f@ck is wrong with people.” But… we know from experience, BSL advocates are not normal by any means.

Although, what’s frightening is…. These people assume their own BSL Members are in the area where violence against pit bulls is happening.


I don’t know Penny… is there? Also, I have to point out that she might even think fellow BSL members would be capable of this vile act.

Lol,  stop making me laugh!  No doubt some body’s beloved pet was killed by a Pit Bull,  now it’s time to pay the piper.”- Dusty Brown, Dogsbite.org member

A young child finding the body of her headless dog is something to laugh out loud at? 

My 8-year-old daughter walks back here and sees her dog with no head,” Scott Harrington said.

I think the police should start looking at Dogsbite.org members & Daxton’s Friends supporters to see if any live in that region- especially since this isn’t the only pit bull killed in that area. According to other neighbors, one family had their pit bull shot & killed and another neighbor had one poisoned. 

None of these dogs have any history of attacking or being aggressive and the fact that an individual is obviously escalating in his violence when he/she is killing makes me wonder if he’ll progress from the dogs to the owners?

I am going to guess that it is someone in the neighborhood who has either been attacked by a pit bull or had a pet killed by one. Funny thing that so many neighbors have this potentially dangerous breed of dog.”-Dusty Brown, Dogsbite.org member

Once again, there is no excuse ever to kill innocent dogs- but we know Dogsbite.org members can always excuse violently killing pit bulls.

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