Throat Punch


…. Give me a moment. Alright, let’s dive right into this. I’m sorry but there is absolutely no fucking difference between the old day professional dog fighting and the douche bags using dogs to fight today. Not one fucking difference and if you think it was classier or more humane back in the days of Colby then you are a even bigger piece of shit then I thought. 

Now, I’ve had issues with the Facebook page Pit bulls against misinformation for a long time but that’s mainly because I think the people behind the page support dog fighting apologists. I mean, what self respecting pit bull type dog owner would ever call any dog fighter if any generation gentlemen? Who would praise them?

I get it- mankind has always gotten it’s rocks of things- people and animals tearing each other apart and I get that a generation took the time to create a breed with the purpose of fighting other dogs for a buck, but I will never praise them. I refuse to praise them for using my dogs ancestors to earn a buck and gain some pride. 

According to the Dog Fighting Aplogists-

  There is absolutely, positively, unequivocally, no way to know if a dog was used as “bait” unless you know the intention of the person who abused the dog to begin with.”

Well, when dogs are rescued from dog fighting establishment- it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the dogs are used for. 

Simply allowing a smaller, weaker dog to engage in a fight with a stronger, bigger dog does not even mean that the smaller dog was used as bait. It’s quite possible that the person allowing the fight really thought the smaller dog might win.”

Riiight… because it totally makes sense that someone would think a smaller, weaker dog would totally beat the stronger, bigger dog. No, I’m sorry but absoluy no dog fighter would ever assume the weaker dog would win. Who are you trying to fool? 

Hold on- Pit Bulls against misinformation has some more bull shit to feed us:

 It is highly unlikely that a spayed or neutered pet will end up in a fighting ring. Dog fighters want to make money. Money is made both during a match, and in breeding and selling the offspring of champion fighters. Despite what you see on facebook, the vast majority of dog fighters are not going to shelters and rescues and adopting altered pets to start a doggie fight club.”

They probably are right… why would they spend their fighting winnings on the adoption fee when they can scour craigslist for free dogs- or just snatch dogs out in yards?

Aussia was an elderly, 15 year old rottweiler who was stolen from his quiet life in Corry, TA, & tortured to death, hought to have been used as a bait dog. He had what looked like injuries made by fighting dogs and marks where he had been bound at the ankles, meaning he was unable to defend himself. He was then dumped in pond, where he was found dead. His owners are of course heart broken and nobody has been caught.  – read more at Animal Rights Actions 

It’s not coincidence that Pit Bulls against misinformation uses sources like Crenshaws Keep as a source to promote their dog fighting propaganda- because they keep referring to it as a sport. 

Let me break it down for you guys:

Dog fighting is not a sport. Never was and never will be. Dog fighting is abuse and anyone who propagates, supports, glamorizes or praises dog fighting and dog fighters are pathetic little bitches. 

I know part of my dogs ancestors were made/created to fight- I’m not stupid, I know the history, but I won’t ever praise the cowards. I love my dog but I would gladly throat punch the bastards that made his ancestors earn a buck for their blood thirsty sport.



4 thoughts on “Throat Punch

  1. Allow me to translate that exchange:

    Michelle Lynn: My perception is that in the past dog-fighting was the pastime of white middle-class people while it is now the pastime of black poor people.

    Lindsay Doyel: That is my perception also. White people are gentlemen, while black people are criminals. Yay white people!

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  2. Color makes absolutely no fucking difference when it comes to fighting. I live in an area where some stupid bitch, white by the way, was responsible for 9 corpses of bait and fighting dogs. The vet who did the necropsies verified this. It’s rural enough that all the counties are watched for this. My Elderbull is 12 and I have to watch him if he’s outside so no one takes him. I keep a loaded gun where I can get at it need be. Stealing dogs for bait or breeding is a nationwide issue. Other arrests down here were Afro American males. There is NO reason to keep this “trend of abusing” these dogs.

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  3. Jan, I hope it comes across that I was commenting on what those dogfighting enthusiasts were saying (by using typical racist code words like “thug”), not my own beliefs…

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