Foamer Funnies

Silly Foamers….


That’s a lot! What about the remaining?


Well that makes sense….


It must be an epidemic!!! Why isn’t the CDC tracking this?


If it has 4 legs, ears, eyes, teeth and paws and it bites, barks, farts, sleeps, eats or just eyeballs your food it must be pit… even if they told you it was a collie.


Lynn must be the Dear Abby of pit bull owners now? I can see her response to all questions…. “Euthanize it.”


Such nice folks….


It’s alllllllll a conspiracy. I bet Facebook knows all about aliens and who really killed JFK?


I wonder who would have a larger crowd in Seattle,┬ápro BSL or Anti BSL? We should find out….

2 thoughts on “Foamer Funnies

  1. I was at the Philly event. Kind of reminded me of the hare krishna airport vampires honestly.

    They should all try matching haircuts…maybe they’d earn a little free media, and Colleen Lynn wrote nonsense based on an article that is 20+ years old; a “guest writers” ramblings (hint, said guest writer has no credentials because they are a fake blogger only and appears mostly in that extreme hater site); and lastly an old media story.
    Laughable bitch believes what she puts out there.

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