You don’t say….


Somehow William Johnson feels that his child is untouchable yet…. children of pit bull type dogs are not? How many Facebook pages and meme’s have these creeps made of children of pit bull owners? Hundreds. But I forget, its a different set of rules for BSL advocates. It’s perfectly okay for them to use plaster children’s images over their hate pages, exposing them to known pedophiles and criminals of the BSL advocacy because its what those parents deserve right? We get it, the children of pit bull owners deserve to be mocked and harassed by BSL advocates because our children just are not as important. Our children don’t deserve the respect to be kept out of their hateful and dark fight, right William?


Comments and images like this are promoted on William Johnnson’s facebook hate page Confessions of a Pit Loving Whack Job–  because cruel comments and behaviors directed towards children of pit bull owners is just fine, right? It’s just hilarious that one day, that child might run across this image with those cruel comments and be heart broken. It will be just one big joke when one your BSL advocates with a known criminal history becomes obsessed with that child and could harm her or her family, right? It’s not like BSL advocates don’t have a history of being publically acknowledged for their violence… oh, wait- they have. It’s not like BSL advocates don’t have a history of pushing their members to harass people, right? Oh wait- they do.

I suppose William Johnson just has to follow orders, especially considering Jeff Borchardt is the master at taking images of children and plastering them on his personal hate pages. On one of his many pages- Borchardt has at least 11 images of children in various state of dress. The bottom line is, what gives BSL advocates the self entitled right to deny each and every child the same respect that they want for themselves?


There is not one parent that wants images of their child plastered on websites and pages that propagate hate and violence, yet BSL advocates feel that it’s okay to do just that with children of pit bull owners. I know you won’t stop but there will come a day when William Johnson’s daughter will find out what her father does to children if pit bull owners and I have to wonder just how proud of her dad she will be….

4 thoughts on “You don’t say….

  1. How is it that they are SO dense that they can’t comprehend that all of their children and their relatives and their neighbors can see, at anytime, now and in the future, all of the horrible things they say and do daily? When a young teen discovers what their parents are really up to, it’s a shock that deeply effects their self image. If your parent is a monster, what does that mean about you, and where do you go from there? Very troubling that any young person would have to deal with this because their friends are sharing it on the internet. Very, very sad. :(


  2. How absolutely hypocritical!!! Shall I remind him of how everyone in his *cult* shared the photo if a girl who repeatedly asked for her photo to be removed??? Shall I remind him that one of their own stole that photo by circumventing the rules of FaceBook and taking it from a private album set up for friends only? Which that person was not. Shall I remind him how members of his group stated they were going to use said photo for powerpoint presentations to further their agenda?? Shall I remind him of the disgusting memes that were made by members of his group of a little girl dead not even a day?? Shall I remind him how members of his group stole photos from the FaceBook pages of her family, shared them all over their pages all while passing judgement on a grieving family?? Shall I remind him of the fake profile made of a young woman from his town that was used by their group to post comments and memes? A young woman who certainly didn’t give her permission.
    F**K YOU Johnson!!! This is why your last name is so fitting and perfect for you. You are nothing but a smarmy tool! This is why I basically ignore all of you on FaceBook now. Because you are an irrelevant bunch of trolling idiots who will accomplish nothing.

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