A peek into a DBO private hate group.


Oh for pete’s sake… These morons are going to kill themselves or kill another person with their stupidity. It’s like it becomes an apocalyptic even if they see a pit bull. 

So, according to Sloan, the beast had an unhealthy fixation on him and his ankle biter, he proceeded to assume the position and get his shank ready while he was putting his dog behind him as the beast was trying to get around him to his little dog. This dog was so intense with his unhealthy fixation that somehow a car and some people distracted the dog….?

 I really think Sloan sits around a fantasizes about stabbing pit bulls. He brags about being armed with knives, sledgehammers and now he wants to throw guns in the mix.


 If there was a pit bull or any dog, that dog could have cared less about Sloan and his little dog. Not only did the dog seem more concerned with cars and other people- the dog didn’t even follow him. One day, he will cross paths with the wrong owner who will take offense when Sloan pulls out a weapon on their innocent dog and it will end badly for the DBO moron. 


Now, Sloan isn’t alone in this convo- the very idea of stabbing a pit bull brings out the rest of the usual blood thirsty DBO members…


Notice how Carol mentions that the pit bull was on a leash?  Of course they crossed the road to keep away from the crazy lady with the mace. It’s like they feel that they have this fundamental right to intimidate and threaten pit bull owners with violence. 


I’m more scared of these armed and incredibly stupid people roaming our streets than I am about a pit bull. I seriously don’t understand how these people think they are normal? The violence, harassment and cruelty that these people participate in is criminal at times.


I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the pit bull owner that was the asshole. Borchardt might think he’s bullet proof but he’ll  cross the wrong person one day and his wife will be placing his ashes next to their son. Harsh, I know- but it’s reality. It’s unrealistic for them to think that people won’t start pushing back and people are starting.


We get why their secret hate groups are so important. It’s a way to hide their vile & violent beliefs from their friends and family. They don’t want people to know the darkness that festers in their souls.


It’s like they know, deep down that their need for violence is socially unacceptable and to preserve their public face they have no choice to huddle in their hate groups together. It all has to be kept a secret but like most secrets, they don’t stay secrets for long and eventually their true selves are seen.



Riiight- after you stab the pit bull feel free to stick the knife up the dog’s butt? 

Ladies & Gentlemen: just a peek into a daily convo of a secret “how to kill a pit bull hate group”.


8 thoughts on “A peek into a DBO private hate group.

  1. Holy shit, can you just imagine how Carol made her mace “visible.” Crazy old bitch shaking around a giant can of mace — I bet she’s the talk of the town.

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  2. Also, it is extremely unlikely that any of the weirdos and liars on those pages actually do any of the things that they claim – they are internet tough guys, the lamest of the lame.

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