BSL advocates must be scared. It’s understandable, they spend so much time demonizing dogs and stereotyping people and when it gets blown to pieces daily it can be scary. Their hate filled agenda is the foundation for their lives and when someone threatens it-  they resort to threats. 

I hate to break it to them, but plastering images of my family and my address won’t shut me up. Here is the thing- I never hid my life from anyone. In fact, I’ve shared my life in this blog and I will continue to do so. You know why? Because BSL is not just about dogs.

It’s about families, like mine, all over the United States. It’s about mothers who love their family so much that they do  not just practice but live responsible dog ownership. It’s about fathers who teach their children that dogs are animals that need to be treated with respect. It’s about sisters and brothers who grow up with the skills and knowledge to be responsible dog owners. BSL is about families. 

So, go for it… Call me fat, call my kid ugly (cuz responsible adults totally do that…lol), post my address, whatever you feel like you gotta do and I’m gonna do what I keep doing- fighting for the innocent families and their dogs.

This bitch won’t be silenced- and neither will the millions of other voices just like mine.

13 thoughts on “#WillNotBeSilenced

    1. I’m removing the blog post now. As I told you yesterday I have been through the very same thing 3 times now and I’m fed up. If it ever happens again, I’ll do everything I possibly can to assure my family gets the justice it deserves. I honestly do not believe that Kimmie played a role in any of the 3 incidents. Therefore, my actions were extremely misguided and misdirected. I removed everything from fb and I’m now going to remove blog post. For the individuals who were responsible for the 3 attacks on me you can also thank yourselves for this incident. Natural defense and the overwhelming urge to protect your children trump anything that gets in the way. Shady shit like that results innocent people getting hurt and had no right to hurt Kimmie and truly apologize from the bottom my heart. I don’t expect any of you to have to deal with an ambush from a member of bsl. Please don’t make us victims either.


  1. Hell Yeah!!! They will NEVER silence any of us! They are losing their cause all over the country, now this is what they do? Fucking morons. If they want my address, all they have to do is ask. Like you, I hide from no one, I fear no one. Any time these dimwits would like to debate face to face instead of hiding behind their keyboard and fake profiles, lets do it! But they wont. They are some of the biggest cowards I have ever dealt with. Scared of everything! COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS, Come on out in the open. If you truly believe in your cause, you should have the balls to stand up for it and quit HIDING!

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  2. And they all hide behind fake profiles and names to make their numbers look so much larger than they really are.
    All dog and animal lovers will continue to speak on behalf of those who cannot. We will continue to push for fair and non discriminatory laws that actually protect the community. All they have are empty threats and harassment. Sad life they lead quite frankly.

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  3. We’re with you!
    Personal attacks are childish — and shows that this person has nothing else. You have never attacked a person’s appearance — only the words that they have chosen to type in a public forum.

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