Jan Smith- another lie from Ms. Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Good ‘ole Jan Smith. I’m pretty sure everytime “she” types or speaks it’s just a bunch of bullshit that flows out. Once again- magically turning unknown breed dogs into…… Pit bulls!

A mother of five was killed by a pack of wild dogs, the Melette County Sheriff told KSFY News. 

It happened in the Lower Swift Bear Community in western White River early Saturday morning. 

The sheriff says Julia Charging Whirlwind, 40, was walking home when the dogs attacked. 

When emergency crews showed up, the found a neighbor lying on her body, trying to save her from the dogs. The sheriff shot 2 dogs, but he says there were several involved in the attack.- KSFY ABC 

Now, in no media report does it mention pit bull anywhere. It states: “killed by a pack of wild dogs”. I guess for Ms. Jan Smith, the residential moron, that translates into… Pit bulls.

Tsk. Tsk…there is no “inside information from someone at the scene”. Does she really think that the “inside informant” would not mention that fact to the media? In absolutely zero media reporting of this horrible story mentions this. Notice how she quickly adds it to her self admitted mislabeled list of DBF’s ?

This is why any sort of Dogsbite.org statistics are a laughing stock. Their desperation is glaringly appearnt as they attempt to doctor up the numbers. I also need to point the obvious mislabeling of the animal, known history of animal and the relationship with the victim. According to Jan Smith: (**) means the dog was a beloved family pet with no history of aggression or abuse and the double dagger means… the pet belongs to the deceased or family member. (Which… Really is all the same thing.)

Let’s take a closer look at Jan Smith’s list:

Eugene Smith- They had taken in the pit bull as a stray in May.” According to Jan, this dog was “beloved pet with no history of aggression or abuse.”  Howso? This dog was rescued as a stray, no known history of aggression or abuse.

David Wallace-“David Wallace, 63, who had suffered a fatal heart attack.”-according to Dogsbite.org So, why is Mr. Wallace on the “body count” list?

Roy Higgenbotham Jr.: according to Dogsbite.org, “The dog bite injuries severed Higgenbotham’s radial artery near his left wrist directly causing his death.” Which makes sense considering they are saying the dog attacked Mr. Higgenbotham after he “slapped” Wallace to try to wake him.

Julie Charging Whirlwind: attacked and killed by a pack of feral wild dogs. Can some explain how a pack of feral wild dogs resemble loving pets with no history of aggression? Can someone explain how it became a pit bull fatality with no pit bull mentioned?

Let’s see what the rest of the idiots say about this:

Why isn’t that info in the reports??”- Steve Green

“Good question Steven Green, pit bulls have powerful protection.”-Carol Miller (Board member of DBO)

If there are packs of pit bulls roaming on reservations then there will be more victims!”-Steve Green (Fledgling DBO moron)

“Exactly.  I have read remarks that indicate that the killer dogs were not “wild dogs” but rather pit bulls owned by a criminal but there is no reliable news source for this information so it is pretty useless at the moment.”-Carol Miller

Basically that’s just DBO code for bullshit.

3 thoughts on “Jan Smith- another lie from Ms. Liar Liar Pants on Fire

  1. Pretty sure Jan Smith is a dude and that’s his real name – Scandinavian or something? Anyway. He’s a fruit loop. He also claims a pit bull pulled a little kid in front of an oncoming train — an counts it as a DBRF.

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  2. As a life long SD resident I can tell you that rez dogs look nothing like pit bulls. If you think otherwise go rent Dances With Wolves.
    We picked the dogs up off the rez and trained them for the movie.

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