Imitating Art

“Someone who hates you normally hates  for one of three reasons.

 They either see you as a threat. They hate themselves or they want to be you.”

Make no mistake: BSL Advocates hate little ‘ole me and like… 99.999999% of all pit bulls owners. However- I have to give them credit, they sure do know how to pull some silly tantrums.

I have to remind myself the childish mentality of these people. They are creating fake Facebook pages of known pit bull advocates. Why? Because they think it will silence us. 

You would think they would be a tad bit smarter than to think they can bully us into silence. If anything, just like everything else they do, it backfires on them. 

It’s flattering that they want to be like me. It’s flattering they want a happy life filled with love, children, a home, employment….. but alas- that is my life and as much as they try, they can’t have it.  I mean, it’s obvious that their lives are not…. working  out the best for them.. It makes me sad. See, look- I’m  so sad.

It’s sad….. and a bit creepy.

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