9 Bullets

Sheriff Don Anderson says someone was checking gas wells near the closed roadside park off of I-45, just south of Dew, last week.  That’s when a Mexia couple found nine dead pit bulls and called authorities. Sheriff Anderson says each dog had been shot in the head.

Nine dogs. Nine dogs lined up and shot in the head. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Nine bullets from one gun, shot by one person. 

People, Wake up. Wake the f@ck up. Nine dogs killed because some irresponsible f@cktard refused to be a responsible owner and keep their dogs at home. 

No, they are not victims of dog fighting, they are victims of an irresponsible owner who allowed her dogs to leave her property time after time which led to the dogs attacking and killing the neighbors’ family dogs over a 3 month period. 
She did nothing to stop it, even after knowing what they were doing. The law was called every time and the people were told they couldn’t help them, they would have to handle it themselves. 
The neighbor made a very poor decision as to how it was handled, and I am horrified by it, but if the owner had just kept her dogs confined, none of this would’ve happened. We also need much better laws on nuisance animals in rural areas so that people don’t have to go through this. 
People also don’t need to have more dogs than they can properly care for. Having 12 Pit bulls, one being pregnant, and claiming you can’t afford to fix them is ridiculous!!- Kristi O

What will it take for people to start waking up? Nine dogs being slaughtered in a field isn’t a big enough wake up call? Let me see if I can break it down for you:

There are groups of people who spend every waking minute trying to figure out how to kill your dogs.

In fact, right at this moment- they are rejoicing at someone killing these nine dogs. 

keep your mauler in your home or it will end up dead, simple!- Anthony Michael Ridge, Dogsbite.org member

This is what they want and stupid irresponsible pathetic excuses for dog owners are giving it to them. Honestly, the owner of these dogs might as well of shot each and everyone of those dogs themselves. 

Dogs might accidently get out, but some people are letting their dogs just run around unleashed & unsupervised. If you are one of those morons- do me a favor, do responsible dog owners a favor and rehome your dogs. 

This is what we need to see everywhere, until people who own these mutants start being afraid every second of the day that their maulers will get killed. You know, the way we have to live with our normal pets and our children, always worried a gripping mutant will show up suddenly and kill them.- Jan Smith, Dogsbite.org member

F@ck you Jan Smith (the coward hiding behind a fake profile.) Responsible pit type dog owners shouldn’t have to be afraid of sociopathic animal abusing pieces of crap like yourself, but it’s responsible dog owners & their dogs that pay the price for shitty dog owners. It’s our dogs that freaks like Jan and her animal abusing buddies are gunning for. It’s our dogs they talk about tossing poisoned treats over our fences to. It’s our dogs & family members they talk about stabbing & shooting. 

I actually consider this good news- Ron S, Dogsbite.org member

Enough is Enough. I am one of those people that thinks dog ownership is a privilege and not a right. Not every Joe Blow and their inbred cousin should own a dog because it’s obvious that some people don’t have the working brain cells to be responsible. A dog isn’t a yard ornament. A dog is not a fashion accessory. A dog is an animal that if not taken care of can hurt, get hurt, kill or be killed.

The death of these nine dogs was 100% preventable. It wasn’t an accident or a fluke. The dogs owners and the shooter need to be thrown in. Jail cell together. 

Please, this needs to stop. These nine dogs deserved better than this. Every single f@cking dog no matter the breed deserves better than this. Everytime a irresponsible dog owner just lets their dog run loose, it’s just adding a nail to their coffin. One day, a car might kill it, a police officer, another dog, animal control or a Dogsbite.org member and it will be your fault.

Needle, gunshot, what’s the diff?- Andy Klien, Dogsbite.org member

.Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Nine dogs killed by human irresponsibility.

6 thoughts on “9 Bullets

  1. Zombies, you know I’m a big fan but would you consider laying off on insults derived from the R-word? It’s ironic, I’m just catching up on the site after a week or two off, and just commented about Crazy Cupcake Icon’s (Danielle, I think?) use of the word in a later post…and as I said, it really undermines a person’s argument to use that language.

    For people who have a developmentally challenged family member, it is an extremely hurtful word. I’m not one of those people, but I have several dear friends who are, and I see how it wounds them. Lots of people use the word casually these days, especially in this new F-word mutation, but there are so many better insults out there that don’t bring down random innocent people.

    Just wanted to give you some of my perspective. Keep up the great work.

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