Magically morphing into a pit…

“When a neighbor’s dog attacked a 4-year-old boy in Bakersfield, California, the surprise rescuer was the family cat, the boy’s mother says.”

Who doesn’t remember this amazing story? I know the video has been played on every news outlet and it showed an absolutely terrifying moment that could have ended up so much worse.

Now- the media, dog owners and the victim’s family have all said this dog was a lab/chow mix.

When officers arrived, they discovered that an approximately 8-month-old male Labrador/Chow mix had attacked the boy who was riding his bike in his family’s driveway, police said.”

However, the bumbling detectives over in the BSL advocacy camp disagree with the police… the dog owners, the victim’s family, the media and Bakersfield animal control. 

The lab/chow mix is now a pit bull and they will document it as such.

Riiiiight. It’s a conspiracy, because the media never ever reports pit bull attacks.  I mean, no dog ever attacks… unless it’s a pit bull.

Let me point out that this incident happened in 2014,  it’s 2015 and they are still fighting it…but it obviously irks these morons that no one is calling this non pit bull a pit bull.

I’ve yet to see the media ever be afraid to label a pit bull and the media gets hate mail all the time considering the point of the media is to report controversial stories. 

So, now the owner of the dog doesn’t know that she has a pit bull? What’s the requirement of being a pit bull again?

  • Fur
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Teeth
  • Claws
  • A tail
  • Legs (could differ in the number of legs)
  • Coat colors: black, white, brown, gray, pink, green, blue, yellow, purple polka dotted with orange stripes….
  • It barks
  • It bites
  • Walks
  • Sneezes
  • Eats dog food
  • Passes gas
  • Poops
  • Urinates

BSL advocates…. Killing functional brain cells daily.

4 thoughts on “Magically morphing into a pit…

  1. Just a small question but how exactly does that Ken person know what the dog smells like?? I don’t have a odor feature on my phone or computer.
    (the cross part is what let the cat drive it away…lolololol. to quote the Bugs “what a maroon!!)

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  2. I use this all the time as an example of how crazy they are. Nobody actually involved here said it was a pit bull — not the dog owner and not the parents of the boy. They continue to astonish me.

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