A calm moment in the ocean of the f@cking insane…

Sometimes you just have to push pause. I kid you not, the screen shots of stupidity, violence and just plain crazy fill my email box from people that can’t believe what the f@ck they just read. Sometimes those screen shots make me laugh so hard that my husband eyeballs me.  Sometimes those screens shots confuse me and make hope that the individuals featured are never reproducing. Sometimes those screen shots angers me so much that I want to take my computer and run it over… and back up and run it over again or taking a bat and smashing it to little bits of metal pieces.

But many times, they just make me sad. It makes me sad that these people, these BSL advocates have nothing else on their mind but killing dogs and we all know some of them have succeeded.

As a parent, it’s my job to teach my children responsibility. To hold themselves accountable for their behavior.  That at the end of the day, they make the final decision on what choices they make. Sure, there might be outside influences such as friends, media or whatever but when it comes down to it- they need to own their actions or lack of actions.

I’m not sure what the f@ck happened to BSL advocates. They take a dog, mind you, an animal that doesn’t speak nor have the same concepts as humans and slap so many human type labels on it that this dog seems to becomes much more than what it really is. They totally ignore any sort of human responsibility, logic or reason and focus on the destruction of an animal.

I get it, some dogs can not, will not nor should be saved BUT that doesn’t negate the human responsibility. It doesn’t mean you get a free pass because it’s just a dog. Because it’s never just about a dog. It stopped being just about a dog the moment mankind domesticated dogs. The moment that mankind starting altering the genetic make up of the original dog it became our responsibility to educate and provide safe environments for our families and dogs. The minute you stop doing that- you and not the dog becomes the problem.

When I see hate groups like Dogsbite.org & Daxton’s friends who chant “Humans before dogs” to push blame off the owners on a dog it shows just how anti human and anti dog they truly are. If they cared about humans then they would encourage and promote looking not just at the dog but the human behind the dog when something like an attack happened. They would have the ability to see the human error and learn from it.

Really, I have my own parents to thank. If I had parents that were anything like BSL advocates I would be afraid of everything. If they would have kept me in this forever victim mode and I would never have grown up with the ability to understand that shit happens and when shit does happen, you learn from it, heal and keep moving. 

Yes, I was attacked by a large German Rottweiler as a child. It was during the time when Rottweilers were considered the monsters in dog world. It was horrific, it was frightening, the injury was bloody and it was painful, but the blame was soley on the owners shoulders. The dog didn’t leave the garage partially open. The owners knew that the dog had a history of aggression- yet they failed to contain their dog.

My parents could have done the whole kill all Rottweilers nonsense but the attack wasn’t done by all Rottweilers. It was done by one. You hold the individual responsible not millions of strangers.  

I guess this is why it’s so important to me that I teach my children the same concept. The last thing I would ever want for my children is for them to have a continuous victim mentality. I’m not a victim, I was a kid that got bit by a big dog. My life isn’t defined by that moment- it’s just that. A moment in a happy childhood and as a parent, it’s my job to teach that concept to my children. 

My dog is not a nanny dog. My dog is not a genetic purpose bred fighting killing machine. My dog is not mutant land shark fro the bowels of satan’s butt. My dog is a dog. He’s got fur, teeth, four legs and gas so toxic that I think his butt could be considered a weapon of mass destruction. 

I am a parent and a dog owner. It is my responsibility to teach my children to respect dogs and it’s my responsibility to never set my children or dogs up for failure.

So yes, if I leave my 2-year old alone with my dog and my child gets injured: it’s my fault.

If I let my 2-year old jump on my dog and she gets bit: it’s my fault.

If I let my dog run around unleashed and he gets hit or injured : that’s my fault.

Responsibility- it’s a concept BSL advocates will never understand.

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