No, you may not eat my dog

Dear Ken & Peter,


First, I need to explain something to you- my dog is not edible. My dog will never be your breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or dessert.

This isn’t the first time you two gentlemen have discussed eating dogs and it’s incredibly disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is- I’m pretty sure Peter Nicholson is very serious and would happily eat my dog if he was given the chance.

The consumption of dog meat in South Korea is called Gaegogi and is controversial  around the world and in Korea due to animal rights and sanitary conditions. 

Ken, I think you should speak to your Korean friend. According to a survey by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture in 2007, it showed that 59% of Koreans aged under 30 would not eat dog. Some 62% of the same age group said they regard dogs as pets, not food. In fact- many young Koreans think those who eat dog are anachronists.

I have this disturbing feeling that you two men will indulge in great pleasure in boiling our dogs alive, skinning them alive, torturing, beating and baking our dogs to death- all because they are pit type dogs.  I’m sure you are rubbing your old wrinkly hands with glee as you imagine my dog and millions of others like him having their legs broken so they can’t run and mouths muzzled sometimes by jagged tin cans so they have no chance of defending themselves- all because they are pit type dogs.

All of that happens in Korea and in Asian countries that are involved in the dog meat trade. You are ready, willingly and happy to do all that to my dog. 

So, Mr Nicholson & Mr. Esada- you can very kindly go f@ck yourselves.


Kimberly & Scrappy Doo

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