Soooo…. the Founder of Daxton’s Friends has a point to make..

“Yep….and I served time for my crime. (as I deserved)….I also attended a “Victims Impact Panel”…THAT was exactly what I needed to wake me up to how selfish I was every time I had too much to drink and got behind the wheel….We sat there and listen to victim after victim after victim share how they lost everything they loved to drunk drivers. I should have attended the VIP after the first one, there wouldn’t have been another…..

Soooooooo, my next point is; Maybe pit bull advocates should have to attend something similar?…A “Victims of dangerous dogs impact panel”….They can see the children’s faces after near fatal maulings for themselves like I have…They can listen to the grandchildren of Betty Todd when they share with them how much they miss their grandma. Or that the 14-year old has to sleep with the light on because she witnessed the family pit bull tear her grandma up right in front of her eyes.”

It’s interesting that Jeff Borchardt feels that every pit bull owner needs to be punished for…. owning dogs that never hurt anyone? Yet– he doesn’t expect the actual individuals responsible to be held… responsible?

I and thousands have heard their “stories” and the response is always the same:

  1. Wait- you are still best friends with the woman responsible for killing your child yet… you are telling me that I’m responsible for the irresponsibility of your babysitter?
  2. One second- you left your small child alone down stairs for a long period of time & was so distracted that you couldn’t hear the attack and that’s my fault, how?
  3. Let me understand this, you let your child run into a backyard alone with a chained dog and you are blaming millions of people for that?
  4. Hold on- you were so busy talking that you didn’t realize your small child climbed into a pen with numerous large dogs & you want me to kill my innocent dog because…?
  5. Your small child slipped into, wandered, climbed, strolled, walked or ran into a chained dog and somehow that’s…… our fault?

” Oh, and I also had to use an ignition interlock device on my car for a year….and lost my licence, SR-22 insurance, 30 day work release program, $5000+ in fines, my class BCD trucking licence REVOKED…FOREVER……what do the owners of pit bulls often get after their purpose-bred fighting machine snaps and kills the neighbor’s dog?….OH, that’s right…THEY GET THEIR DOG BACK AND NOTHING HAPPENS!”

Oh- you mean pit bull owners like Susan Iwiki? You know her, the babysitter with specific instructions not to take 14- month old Daxton Borchardt around her dogs but ignores the instructions of his parents? That pit bull owner? Riiiiight. She gets a free pass and shares beers with the father of the murdered child. Best friends they are. In fact, the Borchardts wants everyone not involved with Susan Iwiki and that tragedy to be responsible.

This is one of many reasons why I write what I write. The hypocrisy that flows from this group is alarming. The fact they assume zero responsibility for their actions tells us that they don’t believe in clear, rational and responsible solutions.  The very fact that they expect strangers to pay the price for their irresponsible desicions is dangerous. It’s that kind of belief that causes preventable dog bite fatalities.

Statistically, Borchardt & his buddies are a bigger threat on the road than my dog that is on my couch.

“In 2013, more than three people were killed in drunk driving fatalities for every 100,000 Americans.”- Foundation for Advancing Alchohol Responsibility 

Which is it? Are families “victims” of the supposedly notorious billion dollar pit bull propaganda machine, who lack the intelligence or capability to research dog breeds & responsible ownership or are they not? Can anyone point out where this specific advocate or any other advocacy group that Borchardt and his minions have attacked has ever said:

  1. Please leave your child unattended with the family dog.
  2. Let your child run into someone’s yard with tied up large dogs because it will end well.
  3. It’s a great idea to keep a dog that has a history of biting people.
  4. Make sure to play around the dog while it is eating. OH YES,  and don’t forget to climb on them and ride them around like a horse.
  5. Parents, don’t forget- your dog makes a great babysitter. Go ahead and leave them alone together for a while. Just go grab some star bucks and come back. They willlll be just fine.
  6. Never ever socialize your dog. Keep them kenneled up, use them for breeding and don’t even bother to train them. What could go wrong?

If anything, Borchardt is attacking the very people that want the same thing… well, no- I’m totally wrong. Pit bull advocacy groups want responsible ownership, irresponsible owners held accountable- financially and criminally. Borchardt wants complete eradication of multiple breeds of dogs because his babysitter/best friend/drinking and drugging buddy refused to pay attention to the instructions of the parents and ended up killing his child.

When Borchardt and his minions of morons stop cherry picking who is defined as a victim and who gets held accountable then I’ll start taking him seriously. Until then, he and his small cult group are just a lonely group of pathetic outcasts who will keep getting slapped down at every corner.

3 thoughts on “Soooo…. the Founder of Daxton’s Friends has a point to make..

  1. Regarding the pit bull / drunk driver analogy, because it’s been made clear repeatedly that a lot of people are comparing the wrong components:

    If you’re going to lay pit bull ownership next to driving drunk, it’s the *alcohol* that makes the analogy, not the person doing the drinking. To put it simply, owner = driver, and dog = alcohol. There are many, many people who drink, but never get into a car and drive afterward. It’s called drinking responsibly. You either make arrangements for somebody else to drive, or you wait until the alcohol is out of your system.

    Thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers, but we don’t ban alcohol. We hold the driver accountable for their irresponsibility. To take it a step further – imagine trying to ban a specific *type* of alcohol because that’s what more people who drank and drove had in their system when they killed somebody. Whether you drank a fifth of whisky or twelve wine coolers, if you aren’t responsible about it, somebody can get hurt or killed.

    Likewise, whether you own a beagle or a Rottweiler, know your dog well enough to understand what stresses it and to keep it out of situations that it might not be able to handle.

    To reiterate: irresponsible drinking isn’t analogous to responsible dog ownership any more than responsible drinking is analogous to irresponsible dog ownership. If you drink, be responsible, or you (and ONLY you) should be held accountable for anything bad that happens. If you own a dog, be responsible, or you (and ONLY you) should be held accountable for anything bad that happens.

    And you want victims impact panels for people that have dogs? Excellent. But to carry through with the dog / drunk driving analogy, the irresponsible owners whose dog has hurt somebody would be the ones attending.

    Better yet, increase safety all around by getting more education out there that will produce more responsible dog owners, just like you educate people on what happens when you put alcohol in your body and then get behind the wheel.

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