The Former Fire Fighter from Hell….

Guess who has slithered their vile self back into Facebook into the loving arms of the Founding Board member of Daxton’s friends?

Let me give you a hint:

You can try blinding the dog with a screwdriver through its eyes, which would “hopefully” drive, “into his brain.” Prince’s comments also suggested using gasoline or kerosene with a match to stop a pit bull attack. A chainsaw would be effective, but messy, he also advised against running a pit bull over because he had, “not heard of this being successful.”

Mr. Richard Prince or his current Facebook name: Ricky Prince.

Mr. Prince’s violent solutions on how to kill a pit bull is supported by his fellow friends Jeff Borchardt & Pame Ashley.  It’s obvious that the public shame of being exposed caused him to retreat from social media, even claiming that Prince was very remorseful in his behavior, although I’m 100% sure he’s only remorseful about being busted.

It seems that the BSL crowd was offended that the public servant was held accountable for his disgusting behavior while on duty and using equipment provided by the tax payers.  They cried “it was only hypothetical!” Right…. Because someone just hypothetically presents well thought out plans of how to torture or kill dogs.

Richard aka Ricky Prince is hitting the ground running with new ideas to support Jeff and the cult members.

“I’ve been wondering about those photos pame. Can we make a dartboard cover with this picture? I know about 45000 that would buy it”

You know…. I have spoken before about the legitimacy of Jeff’s claims of harassment. It’s absolutely feasible for Jeff and his fellow buddies to create profiles and send those supposed comments about Dax, but I find it odd that Richard brings up the dart board comment. I find it even odder that Jeff Borchart likes this comment.

“If we can get victim money from it, let me know…I have lots…even with colleen”- Pame

Well, of course they suppprt this idea…. I think we all know it’s all about the money. What does Pame have alot of? Money for victims that’s never used on victims?

“That’s actually a good idea Rick… lol”- Jeff Borchardt 

Hmmm… it makes me wonder if Jeff really is behind the post & meme of using his son as a dartboard after all. It’s a vile comment and would gain a lot of sympathy from many sources and fuels his victim role.

Be prepared folks, I have a feeling there is a lot more to uncover…..

4 thoughts on “The Former Fire Fighter from Hell….

  1. I have always thought that he was the author of the “dartboard” and “head as a football” comment (or soccer ball, I can’t remember which). I have looked all over for that guy Tim, the one who allegedly made the football comment, but could never track him down. No profile pic and no comments before or after that one that I am aware of. I would expect to have seen SOMETHING other than that one single comment. How many people do you know that take the time to comment on any of their pages, especially a pm, and never comment again? It doesn’t happen like that hardly ever, yet the worst comment ever made to Jeff is from a one hit wonder? Riiight, seems legit.

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  2. He needs to be fired from being a firefighter.. If he was in my area, I would make damn sure he never did anything remotely related to public service!! He needs to be in jail, because he will eventually go on to abusing, hurting, or killing a human, or child. These people just totally disgust me to no end!

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