She’s not sorry….

Beth Clifton, the newest wife of Merritt Clifton killed her dog because he was a pit bull.  She doesn’t hide it or denies it- in fact, she justifies it and makes it excuses for it.

“My pit bull Trooper filled three years of my life with worry and stress over keeping him and others safe from harm.  Trooper was a victim from conception of the systematic lies being told about pit bulls to promote them, and in a sense I was a victim of these lies as well, because I believed them enough to adopt Trooper and spend three years looking after him.”

First of all, Beth was a veterinary technician, humane volunteer, and former animal control officer. According to her, she was active and respected among the animal rescue community.  It has me wondering, with someone with such a long list of employments pertaining to animal care, how was she the victim? I’m sorry, if she was unable to make an educated decision about what type of dog to own then how can anyone expect her to make any sort of educated speech about dog ownership of any breed? OH, THAT’S RIGHT, to be a card carrying member of one must play stupid. 

 I get it- Trooper had medical issues. He “broke a growth plate in his right front leg while running through the house” which resulted in him losing his leg.  Of course Beth likes to blame that on him being a “pit bull” but I have this feeling it had to do with her thinking it was funny watching him slip and slide over the floor.

Twelve hours after the surgery,   Trooper was running through the house, apparently not even realizing that he now had only one front leg.  We were invited to a meeting of a human amputee support group where Trooper was given a standing ovation as he performed our favorite trick,   in which he cheerfully growled “I love you.”

Trooper was not going to give up. Although, he could put on a good show- Beth claims Trooper was mistrusting, not calm or well balanced even though according to her he was fantastic enough to recieve standing ovations from their support group? 

Beth didn’t wake up on day and Trooper changed from this cute puppy into this 90 lb 3 1/2 year old dog aggressive, cat chasing and tortoise hunting demon dog from hell. She watched and she made excuses for his behavior.

Twice Trooper pursued the smaller dog in an aggressive manner, placing his mouth over my smaller dog’s back, but fortunately leaving no injuries.”

Let’s get real. Beth failed Trooper. She not only failed him but then she killed him and threw him under the bus for her status among

Trooper should have never been born in the first place!”-boasts Beth

I have this feeling Trooper would still be alive & healthy if someone other than Beth rescued him. 

I don’t have any regrets about Troopers euthanasia!”

Why should she? She gained status in her cult, she gained a husband- she placed herself as the poster child for failed pit bull ownership. She will cry that she saved Trooper and how she felt betrayed by Trooper- but one thing we won’t hear from her is admitting fault.  Why should she when the DBO cult applauds her for killing Trooper.

“I’m proud of your very hard decision and remember that. Sending hugs and love!”

Although, it seems interesting that Beth’s own son, a pit bull owner & the only one not throwing Trooper under the DBO bus seems to be the one struggling with his mother’s behavior. Maybe because he knows the truth?

It’s sad. Beth killed a dog that praised, bragged about, rescued all to be part of

She takes good memories of Trooper, like this:

and turns it into hate propaganda.

I can tell you who the real monster is…. and it’s not the 3 legged dog.

4 thoughts on “She’s not sorry….

  1. Beth is not a dog trainer, she is not a canine behaviorist . She is no where near an authority by merely picking up road kill and cleaning poop from cages. It’s no wonder she shacked up with DBOs biggest phony. Too bad she wasn’t his first choice … But then again, it’s easier to pass off an American bulldog as a pit than it is to explain where all those donations went… So for Merritt, Beth was his safest choice . .

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  2. This absolutely breaks my heart. I have a dog, a chihuahua mix, whom I’ve seen through leg surgery, and whose associated pain negatively affected her personality. She’s been been a real challenge, but that’s only made us closer!

    Beth Merritt went to a support group for this dog after his amputation. So how could she not get basic behavioural help for her pup? Or at least simply manage him to keep him out of those kid/little dog situations, if she didn’t want to put in the work?

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  3. Disgusting and heartbreaking to kill a dog that depended on you. Trooper was the voiceless, his life was in her hands. It was her job to protect him and she failed him miserably. She is human garbage.

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  4. wow…poor Trooper…a sacrifice to the cult and her peerless husband…I’m sure she is viewed as a hero with the cult…that is truly a sad story…that poor dog.

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