Falling apart at the seams

Jesus. Look, the whole point about being a collective successful group is to embrace the differences that each individual brings. I’ve yet to see one group EVER work cohesively and successfully when people are forced to think and act the same way. Hitler tried that and look how well that ended for him.

Unfriended and fighting over a car. It’s actually a nice car! As someone who received a brand new car for Valentine’s Day (❤️)- I totally get her excitment. However, looks like good ‘ole James had to pee all over her rainbow.

Ouch, but then again- this shows the narcism that runs rampant in this group. There is no room for a difference opinion or belief system even if you have a mutual cause in this group. It’s sad and all of this division and inability to embrace differences hurts them. It causes this festering and animosity which leads to me getting the most hilarious emails filled with screen shots… like this.

5 thoughts on “Falling apart at the seams

  1. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa to the above comment↑. Seriously, Hassockhead is just beyond dense.
    Oh sorry to burst your little *know-it-all* bubble HassockHead but my Mom has had a Hyundai for 10 years. It’s pretty, has a nice interior, a very quiet and smooth ride and is good on gas.

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