Math With Jan Smith

I will never ever say that I’m a math expert, but I can figure out the basics which is why DBO math makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Wait- let me get this straight: 94% of all pit bulls will try to kill something and will be dumped at the pound AND the remaining 4% just go about killing sh@t. Well, that makes sense. 100% of all pit bulls are dumped because they are running amuck.

Yeahh…. I don’t even know where to go with that. I mean- does anyone even believe her? Well, outside no one but reaaaallly? When do they step back and read the utter nonsense that Jan Smith typed and a light bulb flickers and they realize the crap they say is absolute total bullshit?

Of course that light bulb will never go off- they are to busy trying to force fear & terror through communities, but even this new statistical quote is a new level of delusion.

So let it sink in- all of the millions of happy pit type dogs in homes are just a figment of our imaginations… You know- cuz 100% of all pit bulls are dumped and killing stuff.

Just let the stupidity just siiiiiink in….

3 thoughts on “Math With Jan Smith

  1. I was wondering if you had seen that utter stupidity!! I mean really that is just complete made up, outright lying a** crap right there! I actually laughed so hard I almost choked bit.then I thought of all those stupid DBO minions that would believe it. My obviously imaginary pit bull type (cuz I’m not sure) thought it was stupid also. Oh wait….she killed some lizard!!!! OH MY GOD SHE’S A KILLER PIT BULL!!!! (Sarcasm font obviously) Jan=Duma**

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  2. 96%. That’s a hilariously obvious made-up number:

    Can I say 90%? Not high enough.

    95%? Yeah, but that’s suspiciously precise.

    What if I just add 1? 96%! Of course, the perfect ruse!!!

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