Ever Changing Stories

I’m so freaking tired of people changing their stories to shift blame off their shoulders.

“The eight-year-old daughter of a Newark politician is in a critical condition after she was attacked by a pit bull in her home.”- reports Daily Mail . I remember this story working BSL advocates into a froth since the child was the daughter of Council man in Newark. “This was the break they needed!” -they proclaimed and ascended on this family like vultures. Well, I guess they convinced the mother it’s everyone else’s fault she kept an aggressive dog at home- alone with her children.


I call bullshit. Another case of “I know it’s my fault but if I jump on the DBO bandwagon I can blame millions of innocent dogs and humans.” I’m glad this was sent to me because it shows the lengths these people will go to so they don’t have to bear the guilt of their poor choices.

“The attack was unprovoked. He just snapped.” Mrs. Ruckle states. Really? This is the story she’s going with? Alllllllrighty then.

She said her children would often play at the Ruckle’s home, but they ‘would ensure me that the dog was locked separately and they would have no contact with that dog,’ she said. “- states a family friend. “She knew how dangerous the animal could be.”

What a shocker. This is what I’m talking about- this family knew the dangers of this individual dog. They felt this dog was so dangerous that it had to be kept in a locked room. So, Mrs. Ruckle, let’s address the real issue- because it’s not the millions of pit bulls living peacefully in homes, it’s the aggressive dog that YOU kept in your home.

Laws do need teeth to go after irresponsible owners & parents, I agree- but Mrs. Ruckle falls into that category. I know, people are saying “OMG Kim! That’s a council mans wife!” which it is! All that does is make it easier to point out the inconsistency of her stories and her ties to a hate group.

With a friends list like that, who’s shocked that she’s starting the blame game? I’m curious to how the councilman will respond to my email asking him questions about his wife’s affiliations with known extremists? I’m sure he won’t respond but I think it’s time we stand up and hold these story changers accountable.

2 thoughts on “Ever Changing Stories

  1. Yuck. “The break they needed.”

    Y’know, when I read DBO drivel, I sometimes try to understand how these people feel about pitbulls. The closest I can come is that I personally can’t stand drunk drivers. A dear family friend was killed by one, and I have zero sympathy for them. I fear them. I think they are a huge, hidden menace lying in wait to kill innocent people going about their daily business. I think that here in the UK, where binge-drinking is something of a national pastime, we don’t take that menace seriously enough. And I believe that stricter laws could do a lot to protect everyone.

    So far, that’s pretty close to how DBO feels about pitbulls…

    But here’s the thing. I don’t sit up nights and hope that a politician’s child is maimed or killed by a drunk driver so that more attention can be brought to the issue. If I lie awake and think about it, it’s because I’m praying that no one is ever hurt by one again. And if someone IS hurt or killed, whoever it may be, I don’t high-five anyone. I feel just awful for the victim and for his family, and for the family of the drunk driver who now have to live with that shame.

    There is something so, so, so WRONG with these people. Someday the DSM is going to come up with a new label just for them.

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