Killing an Innocent dog

Wellllllllll….here’s Hennessey. …boy does he have quite the bark….powerful already…too excited…but does listen sit takes command but will need serious work serious owner only that cannot have kids around….no vaccines shots tags fully intact male about one year and a half old but from backyard breeder in Mpls…I will not touch dog,leash dog,but hope to get him out of my sisters house now! Talked to her kids and all agreed auntie is right! If no rescue will take,surrendering dog to shelter…any ideas Julie Wall? Trying to keep my sister from any citations she does not want for ex boyfriends dumb dog“-Heather Lynn Hudak

This dog is in trouble, I can’t even guarantee that this dog is alive anymore. Chained in a basement in Minnesota, with Heather Hudak sitting upstairs on her computer asking fellow BSL advocates what to do with this dog. Their answer?

“Hennessy”, the probable pit mix who listens to basic commands and should note- is not Heather’s Dog- will probably be killed thanks to Heather not just picking up the phone and calling either a rescue or animal control.


Is this dog aggressive?

So, the dog listens to commands, was abused by her sisters boyfriend, chained in a basement, doesn’t know the dog- yet it barked… So it must mean it’s aggressive….?

Really Jeff? You don’t have the f@cking brain cells to figure out what to do with a dog? You pick up the god damn phone and call a rescue or take your lazy ass to the humane society. You don’t take a healthy and adoptable dog and euthanize it because you hate pit bulls.

You’ve been on the phone Jeff? Writing emails? Join the club and this whole scenario just showed EXACTLY what you want done with pit bulls.

What’s that? Kill the healthy adoptable dog?

The right f@cking thing to do is to get this innocent dog away from that bitch. This dog hasn’t shown any aggression other than bark by Heathers admission. They are going to kill this dog because it’s a pit bull. That’s the only f@cking reason.

If ANYONE has any questions about these peoples true motives, it’s not hard to find.


Hell, they will ALL pitch in to put this innocent dog to sleep. I mean, nothing says advocacy like raising money to kill a dog.


If you live in the area of this woman, or know the woman- forward her discussion of killing this dog with the images of the dog being kept chained in the basement. I hope she gets her pathetic ass thrown in jail- hell, Jeff can bail her out…. Oh yeah, according to him he’s broke. I’m sure someone can scrape the bail money together.


19 thoughts on “Killing an Innocent dog

  1. Funny how none of you feel even a fraction of this anger and pity for innocent children killed by these stupid and vicious pit bulls


    1. I get angry at irresponsible parents who don’t have common sense not to leave their young child alone with their big dog- inside or outside. I get angry when certain babysitter’s get a free pass because she kisses ass. I get angry when millions of dogs and owners have to pay the price for your negligence.

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    2. This dog didn’t hurt anyone, Allen James! This story isn’t about a child getting killed by a dog. It’s about a collective group of ignorant assholes figuring out a way to kill a dog that hasn’t harmed or attempted to harm or threatened to arm anyone!


    3. I find it funny that you’re assuming things that aren’t true. Has this particular dog killed anyone? I doubt it. Just because he’s a pitbull doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a killer. Just like just because your a human doesn’t make you a killer, a rapist, a pedophile, a kidnapper, a child abuser, etc., RIGHT? You wanna generalize a dog because of a few bad apples of his breed (or breed look-alikes), then I will generalize you because of the few bad apples of our species.

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    4. Really Allen….so you know how we feel. You can see inside our hearts and heads and know we feel nothing?? MORON!! You know nothing absolutely nothing about how I or anyone else who is a responsible dog owner feels. But I certainly know how your entire group feels about anyone who mauled, maimed or killed by any other dog than a pit bull type. They don’t matter. So shut up!

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  2. people you are sad;how can you live with your selves knowing you killed a living being for know reason other than it was a pit bull, if you talk to the animals they will talk with you,and you will know each other, if you do not talk to them,you wil lnot know them,and what you do not know you will fear,and what one fears one destroys a quote by CHIEF DAN GEORGE,YOU DID NOT TAKE TIME TO GET TO KNOW THE DOG YOUWHERE JUST IN FEAR OF THE BREED how sad because pitbulls are awesome dogs if it did get pts at least its away from you heather

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  3. The people are from a fb group called Dangerous Dogs. I originally joined figuring they would be offering advice and lessons on how to keep dogs from turning violent. All these people do is sit around and down pitbulls. Pits can be dangerous, true, but so can any dog. I made an educational post on that grout explaining ways that, as humans, it our responsibility to train our dogs, make sure they have enough attention, recognize signs of aggression, ect.. But they tore me apart. They kicked me out of the group then proceeded to continue commenting. I was unable to reply answering questions, or even stand up for myself. They twisted my words around. Those people showed more aggression to me than any pit ever has. They are the animals. Join and see!

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    1. I was there too, Kristin. I tried get them to look at things from a different point of view – they’d have nothing to do with it. That group is nothing more than a bunch of close-minded, bigoted assholes!! I can’t stand any of them! Fuck em all!!!!!


  4. Are there any updates on this boy? He seems fairly docile, but confused. Who could blame him? I guess nobody goes down there with him to walk him or play with him. No wonder he’s antsy! Please consider releasing him to us. IDK how we will transport out to get him…..but we’ll figure something out…..Can anyone check? My email is


  5. Yep, the DD group, and the Prop group, are one in the same, just different names. But both do NOTHING but think of ways to kill all dogs of a certain type! And they all lie about many things, and if you do not agree with them, then they boot you, and still talk bad about you, when you can not answer. They do not, and can not debate anything. And believe me, if they saw any of us face to face, they would just run the other way. Fear mongering at it’s finest.

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  6. This just breaks my heart. I hope that poor boy gets a second chance at the pound. How tragic that his whole life might consist of nothing more than of being abused, being abandoned, being locked in a basement and being PTS. I know this sad story is true for thousands of dogs, but it hurts more when you see their face.

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