The Wrath of Jenni Sue

It looks like someone is mad. Maybe mad isn’t the right word? Angry? No… too subtle. Furious? Maybe? Irate? Nope, not sever enough. Wrathful? Bingo.

It seems that Jeff Borchardt’s best buddy doesn’t like it when someone does to her what she’s done to other people. It seems that Jenni Sue just doesn’t like the feeling of being exposed.

I honestly don’t know why these crazy cult members give each other their cellphone numbers. Time & time again we see them turning on each other and devour each other. You might as well write your number on a truck stop bathroom wall.

Now, I know you are sitting there going “OMG!! You are behaving scandalously!”, but fear not- unlike Jenni Sue who plastered the recipient of her malice filled text messages phone number all OVER their secret hate groups, I will never post her actual cell number.

I totally don’t get their definition of friendship. Jenni Sue’s poor friend/victim dared to speak out against Jeff, she DARED to have a individual thought. She DARED to do unto Jenni Sue what Jenni Sue did to her.

I’m so proud of Jenni Sue’s victim for fighting back- “You put mine up on Facebook, Tit for tat.” What was Jenni Sue thinking? That no one inside their cult would ever stand up against her? That no one would DARE step out of line? Heck, the victim even gave Jenni Sue a simple option- “Remove your post with my phone number and I will remove my post.” Seems fair. Seems logical.

Yeah! I mean, Jenni Sue ONLY shared her victims personal info with the members of the infamous SHOO group. Nothing like waking up and seeing your phone number blasted to a bunch of violent extremists!

One moment please….

Yeah, no. Jenni Sue is alive and well on Facebook. Please, she ain’t going nowhere. But then again, she has like 3-4 accounts so it’s not like Facebook could ever get rid of her.

This is kind of a lesson, considering how Daxton’s friends and supports and encourages extremist behavior. It’s all fine and dandy until they start attacking the unbalanced and extremists. It’s like they expect the berserkers to just sit there and take it like good little quack jobs. It’s HILARIOUS watching them act shocked when they get a dose of their own medicine.

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