When one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other

Merritt Clifton and his wife Beth must be watching their online publication dwindle down to nothing if they risking whatever credibility they think they have by trying to meddle in the anti vaccine vs. vaccine war. Especially considering some of the die hard BSL advocates are very much riding high on the anti vaccine wagon.

” So pit bulls naturally sprang to mind when it became clear that the anti-vaccination movement, persisting for several centuries now, had again moved from the fringes to the mainstream.”
Merritt Clifton


This could not have happened at a greater moment. Of course, the scientific community is laughing their asses off at Clifton (which isn't anything new) but I'm 776% sure there is not one piece of data that supports their make believe assumptions.

What caught my eye was this statement by Clifton – “Anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists always base their beliefs on partial truths of minor epidemiological significance. ” Of course he tries to tie it in with pit bulls but what he fails to realize is that example about Anti- vaccination conspiracy theorists mirrors the exact mentality of BSL advocates.

Let’s swap some words out- “Anti-Pit, Pro BSL conspiracy theorists always base their beliefs on partial truths of minor epidemiological significance. ”
Kind of like proclaiming an epidemic when total number of deaths fall bellow 40 with a population of 324,129, 423. BSL advocates even acknowledge that 98% of all pit bulls or pit type dogs will have absolutely no issue in life- yet they want to exterminate a breed or multiple breed of dog based on dog bite fatalities that the majority of them happened because of human negligence?

With using the data from Dogsbite.org- the probability of being killed by a dog is .0001%, yet, thousands of people could have been exposed to a virus that was declared eliminated in the U.S. at supposedly happiest place on earth. World wide, people are still dying because of measles- ” 145 700 measles deaths globally – about 400 deaths every day or 16 deaths every hour.”

It’s not even almost insulting to the scientific community to compare dogs to deadly diseases that have killed billions and the controversial vaccination battle.

The core of BSL advocacy is fear mongering, spreading mass hysteria and deception. They ignore the scientific studies by leading top experts that prove the ineffectiveness of BSL and that it does nothing to curb or even stop dog attacks & fatalities. Yet somehow, a columnist, a failed magazine editor, a DJ and web developer somehow consider themselves the leading expert in dog bite prevention?

Although I’m curious, many of the loudest and hardcore Dogsbite.org & Daxton’s Friends are staunch anti vaccine peeps. I wonder how they feel about their own fellow members calling them out and attacking them publicly by calling them ignorant, fear mongers & are just as bad or WORSE than us dastardly pit bull owners?

From simple observation- it seems they are not liking it one bit, which is hilarious.

4 thoughts on “When one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other

  1. the irony is once again off the charts… DBO members accusing anyone of fear mongering?… my eyes just rolled to the back of my head…


  2. I so agree with you.

    Is that second GIF “Fire Marshall Bill” (I think that was the character name)? Because if so, I’m loving the use of a terrifying-looking Jim Carey GIF in the vaccine-debate context. I hadn’t thought of that show in years. Those sketches were so darned scary that they used to give me literal chills…and I am a huge horror fan who can watch ‘Texas Chainsaw’ & such without batting an eye!


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