Dreaming big

I’ve got to hand it to BSL advocates, when their collective shared brain cell starts firing and pumping out ridiculous plans- they REALLLLY come up with some doozies.

Really Rick? Hold on, I need to pause because it’s really hard to laugh and type. I’ll be right back…..

According to Forbes– a 30-second spot will cost approximately $4 million and 60-second spot goes for a jaw-dropping $8 million that was in 2014. Last time I checked, Dogsbite.org & Daxton’s Friends are still begging for donations just to keep their fake non-profits alive.

Oh, you mean like the “I am the majority” campaign from Animal Farm Foundation? What about Pit Bull Awareness month that is dedicated to the awesomeness of the breed? Not just by Huff. Post, but multiple sources like Dogtime and other media outlets.

Dr. Kupkee writes- “Miami does not have a pit bull problem. We don’t even have a dog problem. We have an irresponsible owner problem. Or as Robert Redford put it “people problems.” The father of baby Aiden was charged with illegal neglect of a child. The father of the four-year-old Miami boy, Javon Dade Jr., who was killed by a resident dog or dogs, was charged with manslaughter. While it is appropriate and just to hold dog owners accountable for the actions of their dogs, no charges or sentences will bring these children back. We must put aside our breed-based assumptions and take an honest look at the portrait of a dangerous dog. And in that same process, we can go a long way towards solving our people problems as well.”

People are paying attention, they are waking up and are no longer tolerate the fear mongering tactics of Dogsbite.org & Daxton’s Friends members like Mr. Rick Fite and his chain gang crew of morons. (Read the full convo here)

As usual- DBO members sharing their ignorance proudly.

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