Non- Profit calls for Harassment

“Welcome to the Daxton’s Friends website! Our goal is to serve as a resource for healthy canine pet ownership, and advocate for public safety and animal welfare. Through education, promotional vehicles, and providing resources, we aspire to function as an authority on these topics and serve our communities.” – the founding and very active Founder & Board Members Jeff & Kimberly Borchardt promote as they attempt to worm their way into your homes. However, by their online and offline actions, they endorse and actively engage in harassment & stalking pit bull owners behind their pending non profit status.

” If a non-profit participates in illegal activity or violates public policy, it can lose its 501(c)(3) status. When determining whether a non- profit will lose its tax-exempt status, a court will consider the prohibited acts in which the non-profit participated, as well as how much of the non-profits time was spent participating in those activities. There have been cases regarding the issue of racial discrimination in education, where organizations have not qualified for IRC 501(c)(3) status on grounds that the activities of the organizations violated public policy even though the organizations did not violate any federal statutes or state or local laws.”

Last time I checked, inciting a known hate group to harass another individual(s) by sharing personal information is and can be considered illegal behavior.

Kind of like the behavior founding Board Member and the man gaining financial support from the donations of the non- profit Daxton’s Friends- Mr. Jeff D. Borchardt is currently engaging in at this moment.


Not only is he happily posting and encouraging a known extreme hate group with members that have made national news for their violence & promotion of animal abuse but he admits to stalking Facebook pages to gain information with the threats of calling with the sole purpose of harassment.

You know, we hear Jeff Borchardt cry & whine continuously about being picked on, yet he encourages it by harassing other people. He fails to mention that 99.99% of the time ANY sort of backlash he does receive is because he engages in behavior like his lovely hate page were he posts pictures of children of pit bull owners such as this post or this post– where he acknowledges he likes to harass Karen Delise & The board members of Animal Farm Foundation via social media and probably over the phone, mail, email… Yet he wonders why people become so angry with him & his wife.

Once again- this may come as a shock to him but- people don’t owe him a thing. Strangers do not owe him sympathy. Strangers do not owe him respect. Strangers owe him absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. لا شيء.অবলীলায়. 什麼都沒有. Nic. Niets. Balewala. Rien. Τίποτα. שום דבר. Niente. Get it? Now, I hope Mr. Borchardt pays attention, because this is important-

1. When the founding Board Member of Daxton’s Friends Jeff Borchardt does this-


and then receives responses like this-

Kind of says he asked for it.

2. When you start forcing people offer their sympathy and expect them to be perfectly okay with being blamed for someone’s mistake, you can expect a backlash like this-

Kind of says he asked for it.

3. When a grown man stalks a woman so much that the woman has to block him from contacting her-


Causes a group to be created because they have been harassed & stalked by Mr. Borchardt and are taking legal action-

Kind of makes you wonder if this is what he wants. Which is the kind of attention he wants. Good or bad- anything that gives him a reason to play the victim.

Victim playing (also known as playing the victim or self-victimization) is the fabrication of victimhood for a variety of reasons such as to justify abuse of others, to manipulate others, a coping strategy or attention seeking.

Victim playing by abusers is either:

– diverting attention away from acts of abuse by claiming that the abuse was justified based on another person’s bad behavior (typically the victim)

-soliciting sympathy from others in order to gain their assistance in supporting or enabling the abuse of a victim (known as proxy abuse).

It is common for abusers to engage in victim playing. This serves two purposes:

– justification to themselves – as a way of dealing with the cognitive dissonance that results from inconsistencies between the way they treat others and what they believe about themselves.

-justification to others – as a way of escaping harsh judgment or condemnation they may fear from others.

Victim Playing by Manipulators

Manipulators often play the victim role (“poor me”) by portraying themselves as victims of circumstances or someone else’s behavior in order to gain pity or sympathy or to evoke compassion and thereby get something from another. Caring and conscientious people cannot stand to see anyone suffering, and the manipulator often finds it easy and rewarding to play on sympathy to get cooperation.(1)

Playing victim is a means to an end for this man. It’s his claim to “fame”, his claim to financial gain and his way to further his cause.

What he doesn’t understand- people start catching on. People start noticing previous behavior that led to the alleged “hounding”. Considering previous behavior is a great indicator of how people WILL act in the future it’s safe to say that the Borchardt’s won’t be stopping anytime soon.

1. Simon, George K (1996). In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People.

6 thoughts on “Non- Profit calls for Harassment

  1. I guess he doesn’t realize that attorneys have the right to free speech too. And since the attorney wasn’t contacting him, or threatening him, he really doesn’t have much to complain about. What an idiot.


  2. JB’s psychopathology didn’t begin with is son’s tragic death. But it may certainly lead to his early self-destructive demise. The Buddhists say: “Karma walks her hound on a very short leash.”


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