Millions of voices

What is it about “pit bulls”/”bully breeds” that evoke such a passion for these dogs? I think it’s because these dogs have the ability to achieve what so many humans try but many times fail to do. These dogs can be literally taken from the pits of hell and will overcome that pain, abuse, neglect and torture. After being in the hands of dog fighters or abusive owners they have the capability to forgive. After EVERYTHING that many of these dogs have been through they just want to be there for you. They are the four legged, walking, furry version of HOPE.

These dogs can find peace, heal and give us a glimpse of what awesomeness is just waiting to show. I think this is why the “it’s all how they raised” argument is proven invalid because these dogs can be raised in environments that would absolutely break most dogs- yet “pit bulls” can endure. Pit bulls prove without a shadow of doubt that even if raised in the clutches of evil they can be heroes.

Yes, I know- the nurture vs. nature argument has been argued over and over again but I think it’s fair to say that both can play a important part concerning each INDIVIDUAL dog. I guess that explains why every dog just can not be saved but that’s human failure. Humans create the nature- humans create nurture -and when that fails- it’s human failure.

These dogs are more than pets to millions of people- they are family members, healing companions, teachers and friends. Sometimes that dog, that “pit bull” might be the only companion a person has. That dog, that “pit bull”- might be the remaining link to a life they used to have. Sometimes that dog, that “pit bull” might be the only one that can reach through and sooth a child or calm a traumatized mind. Sometimes these dogs save the lives of people who saved them.

We hear BSL advocates ramble on about how diabolical these dogs are- that these dastardly dogs are all genetically predisposed to bite your face off but in reality- over and over again this has been proven wrong. It’s been proven over and over again to judge the individual dog, but we know BSL advocates do not care about the reality- they have one singular goal- wipe these dogs out of existence.

The sad part is- they even acknowledge that not every pit type dog will ever hurt a soul. In FACT– they will go as far as to say that the MAJORITY will have no issue, but yet- they still want to exterminate the entire breed. They ignore any positive or inspiring story involving these dogs and make excuses on WHY. It’s a fluke- even though there are millions of uplifting stories prove them wrong daily.



I suppose that just follows the norm for BSL Advocates- the double standards, the hypocrisy. You know what being a coward is?


You know what being a coward is?
Hate page
Hate page 2
Hate page 3
Hate page 4
Hate page 5
Hate page 6
Hate page 7
Hate page 8
Hate page 9
Hate page 10

Cowards blames people & dogs that have nothing to do with you. A coward throws temper tantrums because people stop listening to their hate filled agenda. Guess who’s not hiding? Pit bull owners. I know I can speak for myself- I’m right here. I know millions of owners are standing next to their dogs letting BSL advocates know that they are right there and are not backing down.

Guess what? Utah must have thought our argument has some validity. City after city finds our argument has some validity. CDC, JAVMA, HSUS, ASPCA and government officials think our argument has validity. (I know- Raechel has issues comprehending the difference- but 63% of people killed in car accidents are killed by not wearing a seatbelt- about 43,000 people yearly are killed in car accidents. See the difference? Approx. 2.9 million people are injured yearly)

The reality is- BSL Advocates will never stop but that’s fine- because neither will I. Neither will the millions of people who refuse to have their dogs pay for the “crimes” of a few. I understand that BSL advocates can’t see past their hate & disgust but we can. We see the potential of what a dog can be when given the chance. We understand that not every dog will be saved. We understand that human greed and negligence will always be the biggest enemy of these dogs. That’s why we fight. We are their voice.


From the rich, the famous, the driven, the artistic, the poor, the hungry, black, brown, white, male, female, adult, child, old and young- we are the faces of pit bull/bully breed owners. We are their voices.

(Guilty Till Proven Innocent)

Our dogs deserve a voice and they don’t deserve to pay the price for someone’s negligence.

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