You know what I hate? “Idiots”. I hate groups that spawn the BSL propaganda machine because they are morons. You know what? They are beyond morons- they are full fledged Foamers.

“Orignally used to describe railbuffs, it now describes anyone who gets excited about something so much that they start foaming at the mouth.”

Believe it or not- this an epic moment- a game changer- why? Because for a long time the term “Foamers” was reserved especially for a particular psycho group of BSL Advocates- but more and more I’m noticing this disease spreading- in fact- Foamerism is running rampant on Pit Bull Against Misinformation and from the looks of it- they are infected on a mass level.

I know, you are sitting there going “Whhhhhaaaaat- did you just call those pit bull folks Foamers?”- and yes- yes I did. I even double checked with a simple Foamer checklist that is used for Dogsbite.org members-

Shocking- but the creators and admins over at Pit Bulls against Misinformation have earned a big fat check mark on each of those descriptions. Good job! You are officially Foamers! Keep focusing on what’s NOT the issue and keep ignoring the real issues and you’ll keep helping Colleen Lynn and other BSL supporters. I’m seriously starting to think that’s their goal with all of their “purebred” crap. Or they are that delusional that they think Colleen will try to PROTECT and SUPPORT their so called “papered” dogs?

Cuz anyone with a HALF of a working brain cell knows BSL advocates could care less about that piece of paper. You get that? Let me repeat that- they do not give a flying fig tree about the pureness of just one of the multiple breeds they deem to eradicate. FYI- everytime you try to force them to “label” the breed they switch back to the ONE SURE FIRE WAY that they know works- CHARACTERISTICS– and your over priced piece of paper is not going to save you from that.

I know you are probably wondering – “Grief! Why does Kim have such issue with a supposed page about pit bull misidentification & education”- because- there is not one single thing on that page that pertains to education about abolishing BSL, why there is BSL, responsible dog ownership or ANYTHING along that lines. If anything- pages like that fuel BSL.

What I find sad and maddening that they are in denial over the over flowing dogs that are stacked on top of each other in shelters. As a good friend said -“No but I think the problem is more complicated. A lot of the bully breeds aren’t unwanted..people can’t have them because of bsl and fucked up insurance.”- pit bulls, bully breeds, small dogs, medium dogs, cats….are piling in every day and this group wants to tell you it’s a myth. “Pet “overpopulation” encompasses two primary factors: (1) allowing cats and dogs to reproduce with little chance to find homes for the offspring and (2) pets being relinquished by owners who can no longer keep their animals, or who no longer want them.”

Innocent dogs are dying everyday as a fall out of BSL – dying because people want to breed bigger more extreme and more unstable dogs- and they want everyone to pay the price for their greed. Dogs are dying because you have idiots complaining about what you call a dog instead of fighting for laws that hold irresponsible owners accountable. Dogs are dying because people create mass mobs and save dogs that just should not be saved. Dogs are dying because
people bully advocates that doesn’t conform to one certain way of thinking. Dogs are dying because of arrogance.

Sorry, but if they love the APBT and the bully breed so much then they would support breeders NOT breeding anytime soon- at least until all the other ones sitting in rescues and on death row have found homes. They would support NOT breeding until there are responsible laws put into place that help keep bullies and pits in their homes instead of having to choose between a roof over their head or their dog. But I think we know where Pit Bulls against misinformation stands with their promotion of purity- but until they get their heads out of their asses- they are in the same boat as the rest of us. Keep up with your Foamerism Pit Bull against Misinformation- pretty soon you are going to have more blood on your hands than Dogsbite.org

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