The Monster within-

I’ve typed, re-typed, walked away seething and took my frustration out on my helpless kitchenAid while making Christmas cookies- and here I am again.

I’ve debated with myself if writing this was a good idea but after reading something I realized that I could no longer turn a blind eye to the ugliness growing in our anti BSL/rescue community. I know without a doubt I’m going to piss off some folks but it’s time we focus on cleaning up our mess so that we can effectively accomplish our goals. Our dreams of dogs of all breeds safe without the fear of ignorant laws being created -because humans are way too arrogant to put aside their selfish pride.

I get it- people are proud of their papered registered bully breed or ABPT that has lineage traced all the way back to Moses- but can you point out what dog really gives a crap about that? They don’t- do you think those papers will save you from the affect of Breed specific legislations and Ban’s? Because it won’t. I don’t know what legislator will sit down and write- “Well, let’s protect those papered APBT’s and other papered bully type breeds but just have the mutts fall under the BSL/bans” and if you think it will then you need to return to reality quick.

BSL/Bans are knee jerk reactions to irresponsible dog ownership and be honest- there ALOT of irresponsible dog owners and people that SHOULD NEVER own a dog that are roaming around. Accidents/fatalities just waiting to happen and who gets the blame? The dog. Our dogs.

You know all that bickering about “oh my gawd-you called that dog a pit bull” does? Puts another dog in a cage in some pound- with the a glimmer of possibly being adopted? In 2008- estimated that approximately 3.7 million animals were euthanized in the nation’s shelters and guess what? Being a 100% American Bully or 100% pit bull didn’t save them from that fate. You know who sentenced each and every dog to that fate? We did. Why you ask? Because the movement that is created to help them is fractured by the stupid squabbling over if a dog is a pure bred or not.

The Anti BSL movement is a strong and driven force made up of many different groups- all with something to lose- but it’s splintering. Why? Because it starts to become more about ego for some and not so much about the goal.

A great example of pride, narcissism and just plain arrogance is what’s going down in the Facebook page “Pit bulls against misinformation”. I honestly was not going to put them on blast but it’s crap like this that needs to stop.
It’s stupidity like this that needs to end- like yesterday.

Hi- yes, your American papered bully is just the same as the pit mix in the eyes of BSL. Hell, an American Bully was responsible for a mauling– I mean, come in Bully breed owners- I don’t hear one of you saying “Oh that’s totally mislabeled! That’s totally a bully!” Nor do I hear these hard core papered pit owners cry foul when the media covers positive stories about “pit bulls” (even though majority are those darn mutts that are tarnishing the breed according to the pit bull purist.)

No- you know what fuels BSL?
This crap. Some more crap. Toss in some irresponsible ownership – a whole lot of fear and little to no answers from the mass group of the owners of these breeds. So you know who goes to lobby for these BSL/Bans and have been successful? BSL supporters.
They have one goal- to exterminate ANY dog that share the same characteristics. Doesn’t matter if you have papers or a mutt- they want to eliminate your dog and guess what? Stupidity shown by Pages like Pit bulls against misinformation is helping them along with that goal.

This is the tip of the iceberg and Monday I’ll go into more detail of the issues we face as a movement.
But until then- lets get our shit together people- check your pride at the door and focus on the real problem- us.

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