Congratulations William Johnson

William Johnson is an idiot. Not only is he an uneducated,racist, mysoginic, child exploiting, violent, ignorant “man” but it seems as if he considers himself the leading expert of autistic children and every OTHER parent of autistic children are disgraceful morons.

William Johnson feels that he AND ONLY HE can advocate for their autistic child. He obviously feels that this child’s parents are not allowed to stand up for their autistic child.

He must know this child and her family, right? He must have in depth knowledge of her issues, right? He must be there when their beautiful daughter is at war with her surroundings, right? He must know first hand the support and the work that Pupcake- this beautiful child’s service dog provides daily, riiiight?
Well- you would think since he feels he can judge this family for doing what works and what is best for their child- right?

William Johnson doesn’t know this family. Has no clue what issues this girl deals with daily. Has absolutely no knowledge about the extensive training Pupcake has had. But William Johnson is the expert.

Reeeaaalllly, William Johnson? You know- you should be reeaaaally careful when you try to go all sanctimonious- let’s see how him & others treat an autistic little girl and her family-


This is really an interesting way to promote autism advocacy…

I suppose autistic children should not be allowed to dress up for Halloween? (Hence- her sensory friendly costume that helped this beautiful child go trick or treating for the first time.)

Parents that are doing everything they can for their child are losers because…. You don’t like the name they chose for their daughter?

Why would her dog maul her??

It’s not a service dog “Josh” (yet another fake profile..)

Are noticing the trend here? It does not matter to them- they will viciously attack ANYONE including children if they don’t follow the Dogsbite cult.

Great advocating for autism William Johnson– let’s find out what the autistic community has to say about your ongoing abuse and attack of a small girl and her family.

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