No Friends?

Sometimes Foamers just don’t understand why normal people don’t wanna hang with their hate filled selves.
Whhhhat Wayne? They don’t want to hear your joy in killing dogs? SHOCKING.

No, Mr. Creepy Sloan, it’s their basic humanity and common sense that drives them from you. Who wants to be friends with someone who carries a sledge hammer when they walk their dog??

Well- they probably were friends BUT that doesn’t mean they excuse HORRIBLE behavior that good ‘ole Wayne shows with his animal cruelty tendencies.

Uh. It just doesn’t make sense to these folks that you don’t want to hear them talking about KILLING and abusing your dog.

You lose ONE friend a day? I thought you guys were the silent majority?

They don’t need friends cuz they have each other… Nothing beats Foamer Friendship. A friendship based on hate & violence…

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